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    12 lead teaching text

    Another vote for the Dubin. The Bob Page course is also highly recommended by most everyone I know who took it--sadly, last time he had it here, I wasn't able to attend... Later! --Coop
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    locating devices?

    Jon: I'm in York... Later! --Coop
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    Medic Students!!!

    Good luck! Later! --Coop
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    At my "home" station, we recently downgraded from EMStat 4 to EMStat 5. They SAID it was an upgrade, but that was an outright lie. Paperwork times roughly doubled. It would, of course, depend on what manner of call you're trying to log (I hear interfacility transports don't take as long as...
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    First responders not providing any Pt care

    I feel your pain. We run into this ALL THE TIME. I've had our local volley FD "chief" (and I use the term loosely) cancel helicopters and ALS without an EMT number, intimidate (with local PD in tow) PTs to be transported that had already refused care/transport with EMS, and otherwise generally...
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    The situation you described... no. That would not be abandonment to the best of my understanding. If one of my EMTs did that, I wouldn't have an issue with it--provided the PT was relatively stable, and the reasoning behind leaving them alone for a moment was sound. It's no different than...
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    who here like to shoot in their spare time?

    I got a few, and do a fair amount of shooting. Occasionally, I even hit where I'm aiming. Current favorites are S&W Model 28, Kimber 1911, and Springfield M-1 Garand. Later! --Coop
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    locating devices?

    The radios county forced upon us have a red panic-button type thing (Ma/Com idiocy). I do not often carry the radio because, well... I'm old, and it makes the young guys feel special to have it. They're welcome to it. My concern with "locating devices" are the same as any type of...
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    Taking patient assessment notes during exam

    IF I've _really_ got to write something down, it doesn't matter much to me what it's written down on. Notepad, back of a 4x4 package, tape, back of the monitor strip... I generally don't use my gloves because I tend to be on autopilot a lot of the time and throw them out, thereby tossing needed...
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    New here-

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    How many units does your service run ?

    One. And a backup. Later! --Coop
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    EMT must haves in the field?

    I figure the stethoscope, uniform, etc., is a given, so my vote goes to the Sharpie. I don't leave home without one, keep a supply in my jacket. Later! --Coop
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    PNW. Washington State and Oregon.

    KCMO... great service. They took real good care of me for a hand bisection back in 2002. Later! --Coop
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    EMT-B wages on a private ambulance

    You'll make roughly one-third of a forklift operator's salary, wherever you live. Later! --Coop
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    It won't, I wouldn't think. There's more than a few prehospital providers I know that're on some kind of anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication. But as was previously said--I see no need for such a thing to come up in the hiring process at all. Later! --Coop
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    Having a little trouble with taking blood pressure

    Sounds like (and forgive if I'm wrong) this is a gentleman who is having difficulty obtaining a blood pressure reading, and is fairly new at performing the procedure. Therefore, my suggestion would be to practice your technique before dropping hundreds of dollars on a stethoscope right now...
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    Positional Pulse Ox Desaturation

    ...or when the PT changes position, they give the probe lead a tug, thereby causing false readings?
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    where to go?...hmmm where to go?

    +1 for Washington state.
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    Student Clinical Tracking Software

    Used FISDAP. Loathed it. Later! --Coop
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    Hypertensive Emergencies

    They do now! Later! --Coop