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  1. SeanEddy

    Fresno and Kern County

    I worked at Hall for 7 years. I worked my way from an EMT-Basic to Paramedic Field Supervisor in a few years. They paid for my paramedic school (and my wages while I was going). The only reason I left was to move to Texas. Great place to work. You can't beat it in California. Message me if you...
  2. SeanEddy

    Looking for a pt. asses. notebook

    I have one that you can download and print on a 3x5 note card. I usually print 50 of them and hold them together with a clip or a ring.
  3. SeanEddy

    CA EMTs and Medics looking for a fresh start?

    I don't think they meant "3rd service" in the traditional sense. They just mean you're working as a paramedic separate from the 2 major branches of public safety. Great place to work. I spent the majority of my career there.
  4. SeanEddy

    Mechanical Ventilation Reference Material

    I work at a service that carries vents on our ambulances. I have a basic understanding of their use, but I would like to find some reading material to better my knowledge on mechanical ventilation. Any suggestions?
  5. SeanEddy

    new cali person

    I don't know about companies or services in that area, but I would definitely work on getting your county accreditation soon. In California, as an EMT-Basic, you will be required to obtain certification in the county in which you work. They typically require some form of written protocol exam...
  6. SeanEddy

    PRN Los Angeles... again

    It you want a good medic gig, stay away from Los Angeles.
  7. SeanEddy

    Unregulated cities

    Every service I have worked for had an exclusive operating area contract.
  8. SeanEddy

    Songs to run lights and sirens by

    I'm a total square when it comes to this. No radio, no distractions when driving code. Get me there safe and get me home alive.
  9. SeanEddy

    the 100% directionless thread

    30mg Morphine too....
  10. SeanEddy

    the 100% directionless thread

    200mcg Fent, 20mg Versed, 4mg Ativan for us...
  11. SeanEddy

    the 100% directionless thread

    We don't even carry 300 Fent. Sounds like a good call.
  12. SeanEddy

    Best NREMT EMT Review Book

    I used Barron's for NREMT-B and Paramedic.
  13. SeanEddy

    Does anyone carry a thermometer on their bus?

    Every ambulance service I have worked for stocked oral thermometers. However, I went to CVS and bought my own "temporal" thermometer. It's quick and easier to use on kids. I agree, a temp can be an important part of an assessment.
  14. SeanEddy

    the 100% directionless thread

    Fortunately, I work in a children's hospital so I'm not having to cath people all that often. Mostly just babies.
  15. SeanEddy

    Recerting in California

    It all depends on where you work. If you aren't working, then I would just renew with your home county. LA County is quite the process to get an EMT card (and a pricey one at that).
  16. SeanEddy

    Obtaining BGL

    Your right, they don't have a "statewide protocol" per-se, but they DO have a minimum and maximum scope of practice. The county medical directors essentially have a list of skills and medications to choose from. Anything outside of that can't be added without doing an approved study to prove the...
  17. SeanEddy

    Obtaining BGL

    The service I work for allows EMT-Basics to check a BG. They can also administer oral glucose to correct the problem, assuming no contraindications for PO medications exists. Having worked in California for most of my career, I can feel your pain.
  18. SeanEddy

    the 100% directionless thread

    I told myself that I would never have to do catheters......then I took a part-time job in an ER. *sigh*
  19. SeanEddy

    NREMT-Good study guides?

    Baron's books are great. You can find them at any major bookstore.
  20. SeanEddy

    Q's regarding certification/recert in CA, specifically Santa Barbara

    Oh yea. Its nothing like the NR skills test. Sent from my A500 using Tapatalk