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    the 100% directionless thread

    It is now, but the coordinators don’t have any rank. To me it’s important we have a chief officer who actually knows how to run an ambulance service and can make timely, command decisions. The coordinators do not have that authority, nor should they really. We used to have single role medics but...
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    Best ems vent right now?

    The Zoll Z Vent is excellent. Much less featured than a T1 but if you aren't doing CCT where you are trying to match complex vent settings I think it works very well. Comes with a nice case as well.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Our EMS chief has so been ineffective that the Fire Chief is eliminating the position entirely. EMS is now a “responsibility” of the non paramedic training chief. Our EMS coordinator and educator will work for him and that’s it. We’re making a great example of why everyone thinks Fire based...
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    ALS/BLS Handover

    Nope. We no longer really have specific policies directing assessments, I think a good onboarding and then later QI is a better tool to address deficiencies.
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    IDF Elite Unit 669 Rescues Wounded Soldiers From Inside Gaza

    There was a topic, this isn’t it.
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    ALS/BLS Handover

    I dunno. If a paramedic does an adequate assessment with nothing found, what’s wrong with having EMTs attend? The same thing happens in the ED with different provider levels and the patient is still going to the ED in the ambulance. I encourage the paramedics to provide the most thorough...
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    ALS/BLS Handover

    We run Paramedic/EMT staffed ambulances and do not use specific criteria for which provider attends. It is expected that the paramedic observe the EMT's assessment if the EMT is leading the call. Paramedics can add their own assessments in or do it entirely themselves and then downgrade the...
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    Mission Before Self

    Maybe we should talk about the topic as it relates to HEMS since you know, this is a HEMS forum.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Respectfully, if there are children in your house, lock up your firearms.
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    No answer is not an answer. If the deadline has passed a polite email or phone call is perfectly appropriate.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Definitely the best way to retain staff is to just burn them right out. The last time they tried this I think five full time medics and several EMTs resigned and things got even worse.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    “Celebrated” ten years at AMR Colorado Springs last month. Today I get an email saying they want me (PRN) to pick up four 12 hour shifts a month for the next four months. I work a 48/96 schedule (with a little OT) already. I won’t be doing this. Full timers are required to pick up two extra...
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    AEMT's, good Idea or Bad idea.

    Yea maybe. If they can do more than start a line and put an iGel in. I have spent lots of time in northern New England. Plenty of the above areas have access to paramedics if not full time, paid paramedic ambulance services. I covered a 600 mile district with three ambulances for years...
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    AEMT's, good Idea or Bad idea.

    Could they be more useful than two EMTs showing up? Sure. Doesn’t make them a substitute for paramedics, but there are many areas of northern New England where it might take a while to be seen by a paramedic, though you probably eventually will be. I broke my back in rural Vermont 11 years...
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    AEMT's, good Idea or Bad idea.

    Rural communities are the places where the paramedic scope of practice can actually make a difference. I was never sharper then working in the sticks, we had very few paramedics for a large area and were seeing mostly sick patients. Without knowing the state scope, it would be difficult to...
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    Best Truck Chassis and Box

    F450 with liquid spring would be my choice. 4x4, good turning radius, plenty of power. No more or less reliable than anything else. Liquid spring on any Type 1 chassis is a must. Have worked in Dodge 4500s, Chevy 4500 (the old kind, not what is out now), E450 chassis, and Chevy 4500 van...
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    AEMT or Paramedic?

    Even if you can get a better job as an AEMT during medic school, many advanced programs are a semester long which will delay you starting medic school. I do not think it is necessary to be an AEMT before medic school.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Fast or slow and work of breathing. And then document what the EtCO2 said assuming good waveform.
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    Can we talk about these ketamine doses

    *Aurora, CO
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    Westport EMS sees influx in calls, decrease in volunteers

    One place doing something does not magically make it a good idea. Explorer Posts exist as well, to give (let’s call them what they are) children exposure to emergency services. Communities relying on said children to provide EMS service is foolish.