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  1. resq330

    Need Advice On Virginia hospitals

    UVA in Charlottesville is a great hospital
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    Personal Property Tax

    I've heard this was discussed in our county before and our citizens went ape sh*t! They just don't understand the costs to run a rescue squad.
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    Personal Property Tax

    I've searched the forum and found nothing directly related to my question, so here goes... For volly EMS agencies, does your town,city,county (place of residence) tax the citizens for Emergency Services or like a 911 fee? If so, please advise much, who has to approve (I...
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    What light do you carry on your belt?

    Simply the best.... I've owned 3 of them. They run off AAAA batteries. Come in different color led's, as well.
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    Volunteer squads- minimum participation rules?

    Thank you for the links. These are very close. We would rather try the finger reader, so it makes them go to the station and then check off a unit. The only problem I see with that is, what if a member forgets to come back and clock out? Then, their time would accumulate and they would...
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    spider straps

    Just came across these on a Google search...never tried them.
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    Volunteer squads- minimum participation rules?

    Sorry to dig this back up but it was the closest one I found to the questions I have. To those that said they have requirements such as 24 hrs/month, how does the administration track your hours?
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    Advice on making our hometown rescue squad better..

    I tried to toss around the idea of "Pay Per Call" but everyone seems to think you would lose your volunteer status. We run rescue only in my squad. Less than 80 members and ran around 1000 calls year. Our Training, yes, most of the time it is the same old stuff. I'm like you with the...
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    Advice on making our hometown rescue squad better..

    I find this to be a good topic and read through all the replies. I too volunteer for a "rescue squad" and agree to what DrParasite had to say about that. Any new ideas or discussion? I agree that incentives could good thing to do. Problem is, some of our members think we shouldn't have...
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    Paper or Computer?

    We have been using Image Trend on Toughbooks since the middle of this year. Just purchased Service Bridge through them so we can manage more ourselves. The state has it set up the way they like it. They don't even require a narrative.
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    Brand new to EMTLIFE!

    Welcome aboard....and good luck to you on your journey!
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    EMS Week 2010

    Why do your links just take you back to this post, instead of HERE? :unsure::P
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    Motorcycle EMS riders????

    Just got my "First" bike last Thursday!
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    Pulse, Respiratory Times

    Yeah, we recently bought a Zoll with Auto BP and SP02 on it. Our folks depend on that machine WAY to much!
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    Emergency Vehicle Accidents

    Good response to welcome the new guy :rolleyes:
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    Drive Cams!

    1. Can someone provide links of the cams used in your trucks? 2. Can someone provide a link for RoadSafe? edit: It looks like its actually called Road Safety. I guess this is it. 3. Does anyone have cameras located in the back of units that can...
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    Not sure where to start!

    Welcome to the forum....And EMS. How about something like this?
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    New Forum..Check it Out

    Just thought I would forward on this information I received about a new EMS forum. Its obviously just getting started. Take a look!
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    Caffeine Poisoning Calls Pour In

    Check out 4Loco. Flavored. 12% alcohol in about a 22oz can. Very cheap. But I warn you now....Don't go for that 2nd one. It will be the worst hangover you've ever had! :wacko: