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    canadian EMT

    Just Depends Each province is unique and it all depends where you want to be. Warm, cool, frozen. Saskatchewan is starting to be on par with Alberta. In fact it will only be a matter of time. With that said, just check out the different college websites like Saskatchewan College of...
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    Canada, eh?

    Saskatchewan is unionized and right now the pay scale for primary care paramedics starts out at $20/hr and goes to $25/hr!
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    EMT-B courses for people under 18

    This may come off *** mean but seriously...16 and a EMT Basic. In canada you cannot even think about getting into the program until you are 18. But then again our EMT program is the states intermediate or advanced level too. EMRs which is closer to the Basic level still have to be 18 years of...
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    EMT-P training in Alberta, Canada

    It all depends which service you get on with and whether it is unionized or not. I am a PCP in SK and I make $23.77/hr. So it just depends but Alberta can be a bit of a pain but still worth it in the end!
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    Canada, eh?

    Nice discussion going here. Yes even in Saskatchewan an EMT-B is about the equivalent of the EMR's here but you may be required to do some kind of bridge. Other wise the Levels are PCP/ICP/ACP. And as a PCP where I work I make $80,000/yr; Northern Saskatchewan!
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    New strip

    Looks like AFib with anteroseptal MI but I would also do a right sided 12lead because of the ST depression seen in inferior leads.
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    You Do Not Need An Ambulance...

    Personally I love when the 30+ females cause for vag bleeding and it is there period!
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    Birth Scenario Multiple Choice

    Cut it.....Never taught that. We were always told to put steril gloves on and hold the face of the infant and get a finger underneath the cord if possible. Or you can try to get the dord from around the head. I have also delivered a child in the back of an ambulance with the arm presenting...
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    EMT-Bs and IV therapy

    This is slightly similar here. But you have to get special approval as a PCP to take the course and the clinical is one day...maybe 8 hours max. MDKEMT
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    Police don't know what prompted vicious bus attack

    Lordy....thats insane. Goes to show you anything can happen at any given time. MDKEMT
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    OMG you put an actual pic up...holy...

    OMG you put an actual pic up...holy...
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    Not sure hunny. Up norther we have crazy storms with tornados and forest fires galore and in...

    Not sure hunny. Up norther we have crazy storms with tornados and forest fires galore and in town right now about 3 suicides and 1 murder. So you gotta be more specific..LOL!
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    Overdose Scenario

    Nice post Rid! Good advice. I haven't seen any of that literature yet. Do you have a link I can check out? MDKEMT
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    woman went unresponsive at my job

    Interesting. Response times vary up here but I also live in a remote area of the province. MDKEMT
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    How NOT to get out of a court hearing

    Nice! Very Nice! I love how the medic had a look of disgust on his face! Priceless! MDKEMT
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    CPR on stretcher

    Omg Okay I totally need to see if your service will get this. Looks like a great idea. As for CPR with or without board..I prefer a board because it gives more stability and is easier to move patients from bed to bed or if they do start to aspirate you can roll them. MDKEMT
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    Here you go.

    OMG!!! Now this is funny stuff here!! Wish I read this one first!!! MDKEMT
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    Here you go.

    Okay...Patient drunk, fell and hit their head and is now bleeding from the back of their head? C-spine should have been done no matter what. My experience with drunk patients is when they fall, they fall hard. I definitally do not this this was funny in the least bit. What if this patient...
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    A special note: Happy Birthday MedicPrincess!

    Happy Birthday!! MDKEMT
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    Overdose Scenario

    Plain and simple...Give activated charcoal! This is what our protocols state and our training has told us to do. Really this child would need a gastric flush. I would call medical control pending on how far I am from the hospital. Where I work now I would get the nurse to because we are a...