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  1. Dominion

    EMS Wallets!

    Off topic but I don't feel like googling it. Anyone know why you can't laminate a SS card?
  2. Dominion

    EMS Wallets!

    Going to agree, laminate your stuff. I learned the hardway, I recently lost ALL of my certification cards except my NR and State because they are laminated/plastic.
  3. Dominion

    FS: Meret ALS Kit

    I am selling my meret ALS bag. There is nothing wrong with it, it's in perfect condition there is just something else on the horizon I would like to get and some changes to what I'm required to carry that is also influencing this decision. The bag retails brand new for $319 not including...
  4. Dominion

    What is your agency or department's policy on social networks?

    I agree with Sasha here, I work in a small system and had a bad call a few months ago, young kid hung himself and I was second one on scene behind PD. I posted in my facebook "Not the way I wanted to start my shift.....nothing we could do tonight." Or something like that, I was asked to take...
  5. Dominion

    first 24 hour shift....EVER!!!

    My day to day stuff: Spare uniform Laptop (maybe, not always) nook Charge cables headphones food & snacks GPS (not supplied for us) Glasses Spare Contacts I keep a pillow case and blanket at station. We have hospital pillows that I can wipe off and put my pillow case on. I also keep a...
  6. Dominion

    Cardiac monitoring

    I usually just say that squeezy thing attached to the monitor. :ph34r:
  7. Dominion

    What is your agency or department's policy on social networks?

    We have not been barred from posting pictures of the company or ambulances, yet. We have been barred from posting bad things about the company or employees within the company. It's still a very grey area, there is not SPECIFIC policy in place yet. I solve this issue by not adding my...
  8. Dominion

    Cardiac monitoring

    This is part of my ALS assessment for any trauma I go on. That's part of the tiered system I'm in. Our BLS crews are very good and we have very liberal BLS protocols. I tend to get canceled on many different calls, so when I do go a cardiac monitor is just ONE assessment I do. I may not keep...
  9. Dominion

    Cardiac monitoring

    Yea my system activates trauma team on MOI alone. This is how it goes in my system, you bring a trauma patient in, you've already activated the trauma team based on MOI and loc prior to your arrival. You roll into trauma room and the residents with the attendants overlooking will do a quick...
  10. Dominion

    Cardiac monitoring

    In my system: Patient 1 would go BLS probably unless there was a medic on the truck. Patient 2 would be medic with lock, monitor and standard assessment. I would also activate the trauma team.
  11. Dominion

    Research & Continuing Education

    Woo long time no see on this site. Ok so I have a question. I've tried and tried and tried to access the various publications but I can't figure it out really. I can access the databases via a login from my local library but I can never view the full article. I know some of these articles are...
  12. Dominion

    Late night MVA

    Had one not too long ago, roll over down a hillside in the morning. Guy hitchhiked to his house, then got his girlfriend to drive him to a local doc in the box. We made the transfer to the trauma center. He had lost a ton of blood before arriving at the hospital. When they found the car they...
  13. Dominion

    Personal Equipment?

    I use my own ears, shears, and have a few small items in my kit that we don't buy at work. (BAAM, Bougie, etc....stuff that is 'too expensive' to justify stocking). We are required as medics to carry our own purchased bag (again to expensive to buy one for every medic), not all medics have...
  14. Dominion

    Would you have transported this patient?

    Without reading replies: I would transport this patient as I don't have sedatives anyways. However only if requested. If facility wants him taken to another psych location or he is suicidal. If he is neither of these it's a PD matter. However lets assume for now he is suicidal. I would...
  15. Dominion

    beginner IV

    You'll get better in time with more practice. Try to stick every patient who gets an IV in the ER and when doing clinicals try to get an IV as much as possible in the truck. Don't stick your stubbed toes and such but if there is even a CHANCE that they'll get one in the ER, do it for them...
  16. Dominion

    A question about knifes. Could use some help.

    I'm kind of partial to sanded down O2 keys myself. Gets through metal detectors.
  17. Dominion

    A question about knifes. Could use some help.

    Do you think PD will be asking to see your knife to measure the length on scene? Which is when it'll be used...right? I don't think a half an inch is going to get you thrown in jail on scene. Honestly, I've never seen the need for a knife on scene. Shears from the rig or your pants...
  18. Dominion

    Red Bag Trash

    This is going to be anywhere you want to eat. Yes an ambulance will have a high occurrence of this but really if you think about it to be completely safe your company should have a room where no one is allowed to enter in uniform and you need to take your uniform off to eat. Also remember some...
  19. Dominion

    Red Bag Trash

    I'm just going to say my service is just one big OSHA violation....not just on trash. We have a red bin but we get scolded if we put anyhting other than sharps in it.
  20. Dominion

    Anyone Nasally intubate anymore?

    I'll be honest I don't know why blind before digital but I would assume it'd be due to possibly getting bit. Any time I've heard of the airway priority being challenged usually the medic in question skipped blind and digital and called for orders to needle chric. It doesn't come up that often...