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    Ambulances and police cars are becoming increasingly wired. Some 75 percent of police

    The policy that exists, in my organization is that the attendant is responsible for the CAD computer at all times, and the driver is not to operate the CAD unless the vehicle is in park. For police, its a different ball game as they often ride single, but for EMS, this should not be a...
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    Things left behind.....

    I left a scoop stretcher on scene once, it was the last call of the day... The next morning we went back there and sure enough, it was right where we left it!
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    New Ambulance Dilemma

    We have a number of Chevy C3500's with the 6.0L V8 Gas engines, they are phenomenal trucks, and the idling isn't really a huge issue - they idle on 4 cylinders as they are equipped with active cylinder management. And no, there have been no amperage problems to date that I'm aware of.
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    Edmonton Ride Alongs

    I work for AHS, and every indication will be that there will be hirings in Spring 2010, for Edmonton and Calgary Metro, as well as Edmonton West Zone and IFT Edmonton/North Zone. This is not an official statement, merely what I've heard through the grapevine. These postings will only be open to...
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    need some help with bags

    I would recommend the Ferno Trauma/Air Management III bag, it has ample room and storage options and can be ordered with Intubation and IV mini bags. They're nice bags, well made and durable.
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    What do you spend a year for License Fees etc...

    In Alberta, practitioners of all levels pay $340 for registration for the 2010 renewal year. We are also responsible for any CME costs, however the majority of ambulance services will pay these expenses as part of the collective bargaining agreement. If your services does not cover these costs...
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    Fluids for CHF?

    Yes, IV bags are conveniently marked with fluid levels. I'm on board with marineman, I like to give 100mL boluses through a volutrol admin set and reassess.
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    Best School in Alberta to learn?

    I'm currently taking the EMT/PCP course at Professional Medical Assicoates (PMA). I've had no problems with them, and I think they're a fantastic school. They offer EMR, EMT/PCP, and EMT-P/ACP courses that are CMA accredited. They are based out of St. Albert, AB, and also have courses in...
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    What does your agency ride in...

    All the services I've worked for have had Crestlines exclusively, I'm judging the demers purely from my observations - it seems like the fit & finish in the mod is just not up to par with the Crestlines, and it appears as though it would be awful to try to clean after a call that goes south...
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    What does your agency ride in...

    I was JUST thinking that! :P I've worked out of a number of Crestlines, FleetMax, Apex, New Era, Legends, and Commanders. They're all nice - some better than others. Demers, I don't like... Unless you get into the MX170's. n7lxi, You should enjoy those Crestline Apex's! They're quite nice, and...
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    While washing the ambulance, I made a mistake

    YES! Our service doesn't have a power washer... we're old school and still scrub it down, we don't have any brushes that are small enough to get in between the cab and the lightbar - its so annoying!
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    What do you hate the most when you start your shift?

    This past weekend, my truck was not cleaned, inside or out, was not stocked, was not fueled AND boxed in at the back of the bay. Had to move 2 trucks to get it out. And to top it all off, my partner was caught behind a train, so was almost an hour late, so I had to move the other trucks and...
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    EMT-P training in Alberta, Canada

    fortsmithman, I don't think thats what he was talking about... He was referring to the Albertan CCEMS EMT student's scope not aligning with the Louisiana state protocols. I know a handful of the students who did their practicums down there and they all have nothing but positive things to...
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    BLS Ambulance Staffing

    Our levels of care are somewhat different; our "first responder," or Emergency Medical Responder, is equivalent to the American EMT-B. Our BLS units can be staffed by max 3 people, and must have at least one EMT-A onboard (EMT-A being equivalent of EMT-I)
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes, Joy! How are you?

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, Joy! How are you?
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    EMT-B vs. EMT-A

    Not always true; depends on your school. And regardless of what your school's entry requirements are, they WILL expect you to have a basic understanding of biology and chemistry, otherwise your course would take a lot longer... (as it probably should). The reality of it is that in the approx...
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    Where's your practicum site? Hope they didn't send you to god-knows-where rural AB...

    Where's your practicum site? Hope they didn't send you to god-knows-where rural AB...
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    What does your agency ride in...

    So Grady? What's the verdict on those sprinters?
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    EMT-B vs. EMT-A

    I agree 100%... But I wouldn't count on it happening anytime soon, with the Health Disciplines Act and all that coming into force. And then there's the whole problem of the College of Paramedics, but that's a whole new can of worms.
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    EMT-B vs. EMT-A

    The differences in scope balance out in most respects. For instance, EMT-B's in some states can not do BGL monitoring while we EMR's can. EMT-B's are allowed to carry and administer Epi-Pens while we are only able to "assist" our patient in administering it (which I personally don't see much...