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  1. epicEMT

    EMS Trivia App

    The app would contain questions involving all levels of EMS (basic, aemt, paramedic, first responder (maybe?)) where you could test your knowledge against friends. More than likely it would consists of a free version (ads) and a paid version (no ads). But here's the controversial part. I like...
  2. epicEMT

    EMS Trivia App

    Dear EMS brothers and sisters... If there existed an EMS trivia app (similar to trivia crack) would you download it?
  3. epicEMT

    Please Review this New Tech for EMS/FIRE

    Patrick, This is a great app idea. My only concern is having to manually input numbers on the scene of an emergency. Have you considered using bar code scanning for this product?
  4. epicEMT

    New EMT Study App!

    EMT Study is now on android! Check it out in the google play store!
  5. epicEMT

    EMS Differential Diagnosis App Idea

    That's a good point but iTriage is an app for regular people, not EMS professionals. It's function more or less consists of a single symptom picker and then displays a 100 different things it could be followed by "go to the hospital". I was thinking more along the lines of an app specifically...
  6. epicEMT

    EMS Differential Diagnosis App Idea

    So I'm in the middle of exploring new potential EMS app ideas for android and iOS. At the moment I'm contemplating the idea of an EMS specified quick and easy to use differential diagnosis finder app. My idea so far would be the following: 1. A start screen that displays the most common chief...
  7. epicEMT

    sport for fitness

    Gym. Lift heavy, do cardio, and eat clean.
  8. epicEMT

    Losing 5kg's and running 2.4km. Urgent help needed

    If you want to lose weight fast keto diet is the way to go.
  9. epicEMT

    Initial Assessment Question

    The main focus of the initial assessment is to find and fix immediate life threats first.
  10. epicEMT

    Keeping Calm on Scene

    Experience. If you freeze up on scene, always remember your ABCs.
  11. epicEMT

    Is 56 too old to become an EMT?

    Never too old to get started in this field, if you have a true passion for it do it.
  12. epicEMT

    New to the site!

    Welcome and congrats.
  13. epicEMT

    Trendelenburg's Position in field

    Not much evidence that supports it, yet some people swear by it.
  14. epicEMT

    Denver: Suggestions for EMT/Paramedic training in Denver area?

    An AAS is nice, but most companies typically only care that you have a license and then go by experience. But with your background it may be easy to obtain since you more than likely have a lot of the core classes knocked out. Good luck! This is a great field.
  15. epicEMT

    Math and EMT School

    As an EMT very little. Know common since math such as multiplying by 2 to assess a heart rate. As a paramedic a little more complicated with med math but you don't have to worry about any calculus or anything. If you put the time into learning it, it's easy.
  16. epicEMT

    What subjects to study for nremt b?

    Make sure you are more than confident in airway, cardiology, medical, trauma, obstetrics, and operations.
  17. epicEMT

    NREMT Exam Ended Early

    Great job! And yeah, anything under 70 is typically a good sign for the NREMT; as long as you feel halfway decent about it.
  18. epicEMT

    Good NREMT Website? Good Android apps?

    If you're looking for a good emt app for the NREMT try EMT Study, it's the most current and only a buck. Only for iphone at the moment though.
  19. epicEMT

    New EMT Study App!

    EMT Study is on sale for the next 2 days. Get it fast!