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    Trendelenburg's Position in field

    Well like everyone else has said, the evidence for it isn't great. It was originally created by a German surgeon (Trendelenburg) in order to help visualize pelvic and abdominal organs for surgery.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Do it. Georgia reciprocity is easy with national registry (if I remember correctly). If you can't find a part time gig there, you are really close to South Carolina, which also has very easy reciprocity.
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    Industrial Medic

    I've been looking into this, as I think it would be a fun way to make money for a little while. As a US medic, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to be approved as a paramedic there. I've got two years of experience and I'll soon have a BHSc. Is there anything in particular I can do to increase my...
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    Industrial Medic

    Is the pay really that high? I've heard the pay is much lower, but that was purely anecdotal. If the pay is really this high I'll be applying soon. This is something I'd like to do before I have kids.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Apparently so. I was wondering what was up with that, seeing as I haven't been around here in ashes. On another note I had my set of shifts as an fto this weekend, which has been interesting. Sometimes I feel inadequate training someone since I've only been a medic a couple of years, but it's...
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    EMS Education in Relation To Average Pay

    I agree. It especially helps to be mobile. I may be looking to get into oil field/off shore/industrial like you after my degree is finished. I think that experience would suit me well.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Congrats. It'll be over before you know it.
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    Inactive 2 years- going back and SCARED!

    Well good luck then. I'm in the midlands area and don't know much about the upstate systems. I wish I could help more.
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    Inactive 2 years- going back and SCARED!

    Once you have national registry, getting reciprocity in South Carolina is easy. They'll want fingerprints for a background check. It only took a couple of weeks for my South Carolina license to come in. What part of South Carolina are you living in/going to live in? As far as being rusty, I...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Good luck. I hope everything goes well so you can get back into the swing of things soon. I saw elsewhere that you're looking into finishing a degree up online. What are you thinking about doing?
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    Masters degree in EMS: An old idea rehashed

    I think he provides some great insight. I would love to see it happen, along with more stringent requirements for instructors. I actually saw an advertisement for a thesis based MSc in advanced emergency care from the UK, and I'm trying to find out if any American medics have done it. It might...
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    Unscientific Poll: Ipratropium contraindications in your protocol

    I'm on my phone so I can't vote, but we have no contraindications listed for it. We carry the solution form for nebs.
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    Negligent Motor Operation << impossible to get hired?

    People would have to like you first to stop liking you, right? In all seriousness, be honest about what happened and what you learned from it, and you might be fine, especially once your record clears.
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    Paramedic program in Florida

    That's a great idea. My wife did the program twice, and we visit multiple times a year (or try to). We actually have a couple of friends who are seasonal and one who works there full time. We will eventually be trying to move back there, as my wife wants to work there permanently if it's ever an...
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    Paramedic program in Florida

    Just a heads up, if you don't know this already, but the hours you work at Disney will be weird, and you probably won't have a regular schedule. My wife and many of my friends have worked there in a number of jobs from food to custodial to Mickey Mouse, and it's largely the same for all of those...
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    Anterior Ischemia or Syncope?

    Great advice, and as a somewhat new provider it's something that I need to be reminded of occasionally myself. Thank you for taking the time to write that out.
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    Have you ever confronted an ER nurse for being unproffesional?

    Everyone has guidelines/protocols, even physicians. I don't know why everyone gets so up in arms about what standing orders everyone has, when everyone has someone to answer to about the decisions they make. Even listening to physicians talk, they have guidelines for stroke, sepsis, etc. that...
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    "Keep on-scene time < 20 minutes for medical"

    I was listening to Cliff Reed being interviewed on emcrit today, actually, and I agree with his opinion on this issue. "It depends." Hopefully our education will increase to the point that we don't rely on hard and fast rules and dogma. We should be able to evaluate whether or not a patient...
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    Just because you can...

    I agree with everything here. That being said, I was called to a SOB call the other day (pt didn't feel well, tired, can't catch her breath). It turns out her sugar was 30. She was alert and oriented, so I gave her some oral glucose to suck down. The nurse looked at me like I was crazy for not...
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    ALS as an EMT-B?

    This, exactly. If you want to move forward and you have all of those pre reqs done, then you're probably ready for medic school.