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  1. KyleG

    60 y/o Dialysis PT

    Cant take off the O2 she is cronically on o2 for COPD and its only Nasal at 2 lpm. and im just BLS no drugs on board just using this call as a learning experience.
  2. KyleG

    60 y/o Dialysis PT

    AOS at Dialysis Center to take PT back to SNF from Dialysis. PT States During Dialysis she had a cramping pain in her chest. Ax: Sudden Onset that happened during dialysis that she rates at a 9 but went away with rest. Hx: COPD ESRD. Rx PT already on O2. Tx: PT to a ER. (w/o a 12 lead its...
  3. KyleG

    Looking for some book names

    Thanks Everyone this will do great
  4. KyleG

    Looking for some book names

    I really would like to study up on some certain things so I would like to buy some books if any one has a book that could help me could you post the name or a Link to Amazon. Topics: Airway Pharmacology Cardiac Respiratory Patho of the Brain I would like them to be more on the...
  5. KyleG

    Something I saw that was kinda funny

    I was in a gas station bathroom and in there was a sharps container. Just thought it was funny.
  6. KyleG

    A fall that the hospital gave me grief about

    She did complain of pain onc. RN and MD were questioning it. In my opinion she really had the pain but once she knew how we reacted to that pain she flipped it around.
  7. KyleG

    A fall that the hospital gave me grief about

    70+ y/o f unwitnessed fall in the bathroom while walking a bruise to right eye and orbit. Arrived on scene and she is still on the floor and has not moved. My actions: assessed the patient for any other trauma pain located in hip neck and back. Placed pt in c collar and backboard. Transported...
  8. KyleG

    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    We called to the local psych hospital for suicidal thoughts call. So me and my partner split the call I talk to the nurse and the pt seems calm but I'm within ear shot to here for anything. So here's how it goes Partner asking assessment questions when mid way through I hear Pt F*** you...
  9. KyleG

    Will it get better?

    NP my dad keeps me grounded with this same speech.
  10. KyleG

    What Law or Statute Do You Want Changed?

    I do tag People its called a kick in the @$$
  11. KyleG

    New EMT-B need a job

    Either follow up on this guys path. Or just suck it up and take the one that offered stay for some time and peace out. Use them for some experience then jump ship and go to the dream of FDNY.
  12. KyleG

    Will it get better?

    It will get better when you re on your own. I got lucky and had a super cool fto. But once you take what he taught you to another partner you'll be fine. Also Im assuming EMT isn't the final stop and some of the FTO are just stuck there and they really wanted to go fire or medic but are stuck...
  13. KyleG

    Hard time with BP in rig

    Couple tricks I use is one use stop lights and stop times to find a pulse and get your bearings. For the BP press hard on your scope to clear out a lot of sounds.
  14. KyleG

    CARE Physical-Back Strength Test

    Just lift with your legs you got it.
  15. KyleG

    What do you see right now?

    At work eating lunch 11 hours in a 12 hour shift
  16. KyleG

    Had an Interview

    Got the Job =)
  17. KyleG

    5 Parts of the Run

    We studied this in school, but its be to long since we used it. I was just wondering if someone could point me in a direction now that I work I kinda want to organize a call a little bit. It always seems like I jump around with my assessment. I still jump in and start with the ABC but after...
  18. KyleG

    First Responder

    There are a few problems here. One a TC is a very unstable scene, if your on or off duty a TC is not the safest scene with or without flairs. If you feel comfortable and you can then I would say go for it. But just don't mess up. As for officers most cops have basic first aid and can help...
  19. KyleG

    amputee bp?

    If someone has no arms were do you get a BP? Ive heard leg but what part and I also heard side makes a difference.
  20. KyleG

    How many times can you take the National? and what happens when you fai?

    Ok thanks everyone, He is now PO that he has to pay 70 again LOL