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  1. MayEMT

    Worst Call you've ever gotten ?

    wow im sorry ped101, thats a horrible story i had my first bad trauma the other day... a 1& 1/2 year old was accidently ran over by his aunt... the tire only ran over his head and his skull was wide open with brain matter falling out in chunks... it didnt even look real. it was such chaos...
  2. MayEMT

    Congratulations ENJOYNZ!

    Congrats! Enjoynz was one of the first medics here to welcome me! Congrats there couldnt be a better person for the job!
  3. MayEMT

    Whats your 2nd job if you have one?

    pt street medic; full time coordinator for a texas grocery company
  4. MayEMT

    Krav Maga

    Yah he is awesome. He was giving me a lot of pointers it was pretty cool :D
  5. MayEMT

    Krav Maga

  6. MayEMT

    Krav Maga

    The Israeli Military has been using Krav Maga for years for hand-to-hand combat training. I'm not sure if EVERYONE learns it, or just those that need to know self defense. this was on their website.... "What is Krav Maga? Krav Maga is the official self-defense and fighting system used by...
  7. MayEMT

    Krav Maga

  8. MayEMT

    Krav Maga

    oh yes definately Mainly I took the class for exersise; I am well aware of what I am allowed to do should the situation be absoultely necessary. But now I have to check out BJJ ;)
  9. MayEMT

    Krav Maga

    thats cool... i just found out a medic at my new company is a krav maga instructor...he actually learned and fought in isreal....he was giving me a lot of pointers. it was cool...
  10. MayEMT

    A deer hit me

    poor animals :P my partner took out a cute little bunny the other day....i love bunnies :P
  11. MayEMT

    Krav Maga

    lol for further clarification.... :P
  12. MayEMT

    Krav Maga

    Does anyone else take Krav Maga? Ive been going for several weeks it is AWESOME. Some of the techniques they teach you give you a little more confidence when dealing with that unruly patient. Of course we wouldnt want to incur harm to our patients, but at least it teaches you a way out should...
  13. MayEMT

    EMT gives mouth to mouth on cat

    Lol LOL :D Nice....
  14. MayEMT

    Greetings from New Zealand

    Hi there! Welcome!! Send Enjoynz my greetings! - May B)
  15. MayEMT

    Texas Cert.

    if i remember correctly.... i think it took about 3-4 weeks before you get your actual card. but its only like 2 weeks before you see the registration online. not too too long of a wait
  16. MayEMT

    San Antonio Fire Dept

    rumors had been floating among medics that there was grey matter present. and a recent article in the local news paper showed she died from a brain injury. so the medics did triage and made their call on the situation. however the comments of our fire chief did nothing to help people understand...
  17. MayEMT

    Are you a health/fitness role model?

    Rock on! B)
  18. MayEMT

    Newbie from Virginia!!!

    howdy! welcome B)
  19. MayEMT

    Are you a health/fitness role model?

    Wow I believe health and fitness are so important esp in our field. i just wish all medics took the issue more seriously as some could care less what they do to themselves. living an unhealthy lifestyle just shortens your career span and increases the chance for early burn out. why waste your...
  20. MayEMT

    Artist In The Ambulance - Thrice

    lol if i could understand what they heck alexisonfire was saying, thatd be a cool song and vid. but thrice's song is freakin awesome! thanks for the post :D