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  1. AintNoDoctor

    When do you guys wear masks

    I've worn a mask once that I remember... Now, SHOULD I wear a mask? That's another question. The answer is probably always going to be more than I actually do. Crack the window?
  2. AintNoDoctor

    EMT Student advice

    I say this all the time and this is another great opportunity. From my personal experience I highly recommend volunteering with a fire department if that's available near you (which it sometimes is not) you'll get experience and start learning the lay of the land so to speak. Generally...
  3. AintNoDoctor

    EMT School

    Everyone starts out with zero knowledge. What makes the difference are those willing to do the legwork and actually learn the material they need in order to be successful. If there were no terminology pre-reqs for the class your instructor should be aware and is hopefully making an effort to...
  4. AintNoDoctor

    National written questions

    You already took the class and put yourself through it all. I would recommend just finishing it through and taking the test. Having the card in hand will never hurt you. (Aside from perhaps your pocketbook) But if you wait too long you may be required to take an entire class over again should...
  5. AintNoDoctor

    Additional Certs.

    Looking at my own roundabout path I would suggest volunteering with a department if that's an option in your area. Also, pursue a paramedic AAS degree program as soon as possible. In my area fire science degrees are an option as well but many times it doesn't give you much more of an edge and...
  6. AintNoDoctor

    Falck Salem

    Not I but I know several. Let me see what I can dig up
  7. AintNoDoctor

    EMT instructor - resources?

    I am the head instructor. I've taken the DPSST instructor class along with fire instructor and have been the assistant instructor for a few years now. I'm familiar with the curriculum and how to teach a class, of course there is always room for improvement. It only just recently crossed my mind...
  8. AintNoDoctor

    EMT instructor - resources?

    Thanks guys, I'm mostly interested in helpful websites or videos for the students if anyone has any :)
  9. AintNoDoctor

    The Human Baloon

    So I ain't no doctor... But I thought I'd share an interesting call with you all. My paramedic partner and I responded to a home out in the middle of no-where the other night. It was probably about 2 in the morning as usual. The house was one of those gravel road backwoods sort of places with...
  10. AintNoDoctor

    EMT instructor - resources?

    I'll be teaching an EMT class at the end of the month and am compiling a list of helpful resources for the students (and also helpful instructor resources for myself). Does anyone use, or remember their instructor using, particular resources or activities that really stood out to them? I'd love...