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    :lol: Me? 'Cause the Chicks Dig It.
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    Who wants a HOT PINK Littmann????

    Much hotter. Needs to look like it takes batteries just to power the color.
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    Who wants a HOT PINK Littmann????

    I can't be the only one, so I sent 3M a little e-mail with my request and my reasons. Let me know what you think. As a fire fighter of 19 years, and EMT-B of 7 years, and a current Paramedic student, please take into consideration my request for a new color for Littmann Stethoscope...
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    Should I take the plunge

    You want to leave a civil engineering gig for this? No, 52 is not too old as long as you get the bug. If you don't get it (think about EMS constantly, reading everything, turning around off-duty to see where that siren's going, etc) you might not find it fulfilling. I don't know what kind...
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    Newbie Seeks Advice

    +1 on being a professional. Your first seven seconds of patient contact will make or break you with that patient. When you get through, never stop learning, and never stop looking for improvement. JEMS is a great mag to subscribe to for this. As for screw ups, let's just say I could fill...
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    First EMT Class

    Bravo Best of luck to you. One of the greatest feelings in the world is passing the Registry exam. Start practicing taking vitals. If you are in a National Registry state, start memorizing the medical and trauma skills sheets. Best of luck, and drop me a note if I can help.
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    Paramedic Class - Louisville, KY area

    There is a paramedic class being put on by Shelby Co. EMS. It is affiliated with KCTCS (the state community college system) and goes towards the two-year degree program. They need paperwork in by Sept 2, 2009 (sorry for the short delay, but I just found out about it myself). I can vouch...
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    Starting medic school

    Thanks This is exactly the stuff I'm looking for. Thanks a bunch.
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    Starting medic school

    I start medic school late next month and would like to start reading/preparing. The main reason for this is that I am really excited about this and can think of little else in the mean time, and I don't want to feel like I'm wasting time waiting for the start. (I am such a squirrel.) Anyone...
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    NBC this fall

    Favorite EMS line There was a show on NBC about police, fire, and EMS (can't remember the name). There was a scene with a crew rolling in a patient, apparently in full arrest, riding the stretch doing compressions, calling out info, "60 palp." That's some good CPR!:rolleyes:
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    New Emt

    Buy your own stuff BP cuff, stetho, shears. Those are the tools you'll use the most, so use your own. Mechanics work better when using their own tools, EMTs are the same. Put your name or initials on them. Also, if you buy them yourself, you will take better care of them and you'll know...
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    Jump Kits!

    What I use On the job (firefighter) I use a BIG soft sided bag (dept provided) that has everything. Actually too much. I carry a personal backpack kit with the stuff I use the most. In my POV I have a decent-sized soft bag with the essentials to get me by until a bus gets on scene...