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    Anyone rocking a Ambo like this for regular 911 calls?

    mecklenberg county EMS uses some similar to that with the four doors.
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    How long to feel comfortable

    Yeah I do mostly IFT and we have 911 contracts with nursing facilities .. So the call volume is not there really.
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    How long to feel comfortable

    This is to Medics and even EMT's, how long did it take you to feel comfortable running calls and making decisions? I'm only 6 shifts in with being a medic and do not feel comfortable yet on calls. I even have a hard time spitting out my report to the hospital staff. I'm confident in my skills...
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    Maryland/Northern VA paramedic jobs?

    There are numerous good fire based departments in northern Virginia and Into Maryland. If I were you I would just start to apply to as many departments as you can it may open a new opportunity for you. There are a couple people that work for NOVA departments on here hopefully they can chime in.
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    Chest Pain Patient

    Inferior leads look suspect to me.
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    Mecklenburg County EMS

    Just mailed in my application... Any up to date info on the company would be appreciated.
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    Austin-Travis EMS/Outside Texas applicant

    Will this hiring process be back open anytime soon?
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    Top Five mistakes made by rookie EMTs

    No not just for rookies happened last shift lol.
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    What paperwork did you do for your hospital clinical time? (NREMT)

    I had to do a full PCR for each patient assessment. Each IV, medication, intubation got a separate form to turn it. Basically we had a binder full of paperwork to carry around the hospital all day.
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    ER Nurses make horrible Paramedic precepters

    I learned more from the respiratory therapists in 6 shifts then I did from any ER nurse . I had the same experience as you they were rude and wouldn't give us the time of day.
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    Mecklenburg County EMS

    Imacho works there hopefully he will chime in.
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    Online Refresher??

    Check out
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    Austin-Travis EMS/Outside Texas applicant

    That would be a big commitment to work as a basic for 3 years after busting my but for over a year in medic school. It's to bad sounds like a great place to work.
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    Austin-Travis EMS/Outside Texas applicant

    Awesome thanks! I do have my NR card. I will check out the website. Might get expensive making the trip from ohio .
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    Austin-Travis EMS/Outside Texas applicant

    Does anyone know what the hiring process is like for an out of state applicant? Any general info would be great, I just got the recruitment email.
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    New Orleans EMS A&E show! *Video*

    Looks like it will be a good show
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    Wake county

    You need a NC drivers license to apply as well.
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    How long is your commute to work?

    Ok makes me feel a little better.. I have an opportunity but the job is 2 hours away for a 12 hr shift only part time.
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    How long is your commute to work?

    I was just curious how far some of you guys drive into work. And what is your work schedule like, full or part time?
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    Learning streets in a new city or state

    Do any of you put in the address in your phone gps and just use that going to the hospital?