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    Warm O2/Hypothermia PT

    I have mixed thoughts about the blanket. Getting wet clothing off is a must, however covering over with a blanket might not be the best inside a warm ambulance. I have heated blankets by holding them close to the heater and swapped out every few min. A blanket is nothing more than insulation...
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    I Held the door open for my wife to take those calls. She delivered 2. I got to catch one in the restroom of an ER when the mom was there for abdominal pain, not knowing she was pregnant. "It was a come quick something is wrong...."
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    defibrillator implant malfunction

    Dear Ms. B-C, Your last responce was directed at me, However, I did not quote you, I was simply making a statement on this thread for the benefit of anyone reading (that includes you) as to why I posted this in the BLS forum. I am an EMT-B and will continue posting on the BLS forum. I will...
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    defibrillator implant malfunction

    BLS Services in Minnesota have been using AED's w/monitors for many years. Basic Life Support is defined differently in some areas. Many places BLS is little more than a recumbent taxi service. Then there are progressive BLS services that Have to respond to everything called into 911. We don't...
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    defibrillator implant malfunction

    Could you please tell me what you do not understand here?
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    defibrillator implant malfunction

    The round magnet, Is this something that would be commonly found on an ALS Ambulance? I remember 25>< years ago when my father-in-law got a pacemaker. He had to put on a wrist bracelet and put the phone handset into a modem and after a few min. place the doughnut magnet over the pacer to...
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    defibrillator implant malfunction

    What would you do if your pt's defibrillator implant delivers shock(s) and the monitor is showing NSR, Pt. is not showing any signs of poor perfusion? This is from an actual review. ALS please join in.
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    Any steel plant EMT'S?

    I was a member of a 1st responder group at a Taconite Mine in Minnesota. This group was mostly 1st responder certified, but some of us were EMT's.
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    Bite sticks

    We used the wedge, and about anything (including fingers) we could to help open an airway(clear path around the teeth), but with nasal airways being a basic skill has made it so much easier to manage a clenched jaw. I would get my hands slapped often as other crew members were uncomfortable...
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    Refilling Oxygen Cylinders

    Are you saying "A Cave Man" can't be an EMT-P? I could send a couple of pic's from one of the ne'er by ALS services.
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    Refilling Oxygen Cylinders

    There very well may be a flow control devise(like a fixed orifice) incorporated with the filling assemble, as filling too rapidly will create heat. Just like a diesel engine. One can tell the difference by listening to the flow rate. If you open very slowly and listen, as you proceed to open you...
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    Refilling Oxygen Cylinders

    I will start, Our service has refilled the D size cylinders from 2 M size cylinders. This is done by cascadeing, (series of consecutive cylinders) labeled as 1st(CYL 1) and 2nd. (CYL 2) The cylinder to be refilled(CYL 3) is attached to the 1st M size cyl(CYL 1), and the valve is very slowly...
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    Refilling Oxygen Cylinders

    I am posting this here as this is the only part of this community i spend any amount of time on. How many agency's/services/departments, refill there O2 cylinders, and if you do how is this done. This is a CGA(compressed gas association) Safety Alert on this subject...
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    I'm new..and scenario I've been wondering about

    Good question for a new EMT. Prior to extricating pt. i would open the airway. It is very hard to access circulation in a stressful situation. The adrenalin you are poring into your system because you are new at this, and even for some of us that are seasoned makes it hard to feel with the...
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    Simple tricks

    Jolt, I agree with your tip, as I have done this many times. That strip of tape is usles in many situations. Even when i do use the strip i will a lot of times use a full wrap over it. Its a practice thing. if you use good stabilization and alignment. This can be done successfully.
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    Just Started

    EMS isn't for everyone, You just can't always know how you will like Pt. care until you get your feet wet. There are too many in EMS that just want to be the driver. If its just being uncomfortable dealing with the injured, that can get better as you gain experience. Good luck with your...
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    Was anyone else like this?

    It could depend on the size of the community, as Fire and EMS are sometimes combined duty's. And what I mean by this is The community needs you to be both as the draw pool of those willing to help others and have a separate 9-5 job is thin. Then there is the times when someone will come up to...
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    If you dont know it by now, You dont know it.

    Some students beat themselves up before tests. What works for some sure doesn't for others. Too bad he wasn't more supportive of her. (that was just an observation).
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    Cell Phone Upgrade

    Our old analog bag phones in the rig have been replaced by Motorola M800 series phones(bag). These phones have been around for some time, but are CDMA digital and work. We do have what is called a government plan, and maybe this helped in getting these high power phones. Here is a link to this...
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    Which Portable Suction?

    Hopper, We have used several portable units over the years, manual and powered. For the most part, their is a lack of "suck" in pre-hospital suctioning. This link is what we carry in our jump bag. They are as usable as...