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    Part time EMT in Tucson, Arizona.

    Thanks ladies and gents... I'll give it a go, and keep in mind what everyone here's said. :) BuffOP, double thanks for the warning. Not sure I'm going 911 just yet - but if I do want to relocate, you've given me good tips.
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    Part time EMT in Tucson, Arizona.

    Is this feasible, or do I need to look for full time employment in the field? Reason I'm asking is because I've wanted to do EMS since I volunteered for a first aid group similar to the British Red Cross in Scotland. Thing is, I currently have a job that I like but doesn't pay well. So, my...
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    Experience with statistical software (SPSS, R, SAS) and EMS research?

    If you want a free version of SPSS to play with on your home computer, try PSPP. I used it for my Master's and it worked pretty well. Saved me from having to constantly go to the school's computer lab.
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    Will a breakdown on the job likely end in termination?

    Just a thought: if you go to your bosses and say, "Hey, look, I realize what I did was inappropriate. I found a mental health therapist and I'm going to see her." you might have a chance of saving your job. As it is now, I'd fire you. And I'm not an EMT. There are low cost/sliding scale...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Dear Santa: For Christmas I'd like a better paying job and some hot guy wearing nothing but a bow. If I can't have both, I'll settle for the job.
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    Realistically, what are my chances of being hired?

    Works for me. Thanks.
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    Realistically, what are my chances of being hired?

    Hi, I did volunteer first aid for a year while I was working on a degree in Scotland, and really liked it (even with twelve hour shifts where I was paid in nothing more than dinner, tea and cookies). Returned to the U.S. and picked up a job as a behavioral health tech in Tucson. Due to student...
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hi, I'm Maria. I'm former military, and currently considering going for my EMT-B credential. I did volunteer first aid while working on my master's in Scotland and really liked it. Also, I've been lurking here for a while. I've really learned a lot based on the posts I've been reading. Thanks!