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    Gun on scene ? / n00b student question

    dealing with a gun I have worked in Md and Va. In both states protocol is to "stage" for any crime scenario. If we were to break this protocol, I am sure there would be major penalties. Every 9-1-1 center I have seen in Md and Va, are police/fire/ems combined. They have direct communications...
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    Officer/partner in trouble

    officer/partner in trouble. I believe it would be up to the individual at the time of the incident. Me? I would assist the officer/my partner or a stranger if necessary. I may not be very strong, but I would use what equipment, and resources (radio, scissors etc.) I had and start taking...
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    In regards to my Jr. firefighter question. Thank you, I will post this in the fire fighters forum.

    In regards to my Jr. firefighter question. Thank you, I will post this in the fire fighters forum.
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    Junior fire fighter duties.

    wHEN i WAS AN emt IN vA. Our station had junior fiirefighters. As I remember they were basic "go get stuff" person. They were not allowed to do live firefighting, were not involved in auto accidents (except traffic control, or other minor duties.) I have a friend who brags about being a Jr...
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    New Md. state medevac protocols

    Just wondering what all my Emtlife members thought of this article. These new protocols, are due to a Md. state medevac crash. Read the story...
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    how far is too far?

    How far would a person have to fall to die? This was asked on Yahoo answers. I said it depends on the persons, height weight, obstacles while falling, and basic physics. Does any one have an exact answer to this? Like 10, 20, 50 feet? Thank you!
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    blood loss

    I thought there was an equation, to figure out about blood lose. But I can not remember. I had an incident last night, with a family member having a nose bleed. I told him to place his head fowaeds, and then I placed an ice bag on his nose. But he lost quite a bit of blood. I was debating on...
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    Does anyone know

    Does anyone know how much blood a 150 pound man can loose before they suffer stmptoms? Dizziness, weak etc? No longer being an EMT, I thought there was a way to figure out (an equation) to figure this out. But I can not remember.
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    Would You Tell

    Every crew I have ever ridden with has put on gkoves before entering the house of any call. I guess I can see the reasoning behind "selective bsi" but I would never enter any scene, without gloves on. For my safety. more than anyone elses.
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    what is your trigger for runs

    Mine seemed to be everytime our unit, wanted to go get something to eat. It seems like everytime we tried, we would end up eating at the station. Or the hospital cafeteria.
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    General comment to all military/tactical meds.

    May I just say god bless to all of you. The military, and police are the reason that we are here. And the reason that we still have our freedom, that so many of our ancestors fought for! Stay safe, and god bless all of you! ;)
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    'Biggest Tragedy to hit ER24'

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, your department, the victims, familes, and friends of all these people. God bless to anyone, and everyone in this tragic situation. This is a worldwide family in ems. Anf I had not heard anything about this tragedy, here in the U.S. Thanks for posting...
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    Vol. Voice- Looking the part:Why our appearance matters when we’re responding to call

    professional appearance I could not agree with you more, about professional apperance. I feel basuically if you don't look professional, then that tells me you do not want to be there. How long does it take, to make sure you have a clean uniform, shiny shoes, brushed hair etc. Even in the...
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    need help creating a quiz.

    Hi I am creating an online quiz. I was wondering if some of you, could help me with questions. I need some intermediate level questions. Not real basic, but not like paramedic level either. I also (due to the quizes regulations), I need a reference to the answers. Also the quiz site...
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    ems puzzles, quizzes site.

    Does anyone know of any good EMS realted websites, with puzzles, quizzes, word finds? Stuff like that. Any type of "fun" :lol: site related to EMS. Thanks for your help.
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    us and worlds largest

    I am working on my own little assignemt: Does anyone know: The worlds largest fire department? Us largest fire department? Worlds largest EMS department? Us largest ems department? If possible can I get sources for this information?
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    ABC's of being an EMT!

    Abc"s Very, very funny! Goy anymore?
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    She Jumped!

    I would first have the s**** scared out of me. Then I would have the same reaction as you did. I was an E.R. registar and as a "test" for newbie trgistarts we would do 1 of 2 things. 1) Have them go in and register, a patient that was a DOA. 2) Have someone lie on a stretcher, and PLAY...
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    Patient Privacy Scenario

    patient confidentiatally question I agree with you. I would tell the people, I am treating , about the form. And get their permission, to fill it out. If they refuse, to give the information, I would simply pit something on the form about person refuses to give information. I would also...
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    New va. state law

    I was watching my local Winchester Va. tv station. They said that there is a new law called "pill over, or slow down.: It pertains to a new law that states all drivers approaching a stopped emergency vehicle with flasjing lights must either move over to another lane, but if not possible to slow...