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    how many medics intermediates

    B for a few more months, then I.... then a year till P, then.... A DRINK :P !
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    my arrest yesterday

    We just learned about ventricular standstill in class last week. Bet it was pretty crazy to see!
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    Things you should not do at work!

    raise your hand if you're guilty of this!! <---- raises hand. [/b] <--- Both hands raised, saying "ooh ooh ooh me me me!" :rolleyes: Great list btw!!!!
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    Happy Birthday Matt!

    HAPPY B-DAY! drink lots! :P (if you put a pay pal link on this thing i'd buy you a shot!)
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    Great EMS Songs

    Totally not ems related at all, but Somebody Told Me by The Killers was playing the other day as we were running hot to a call... it was pretty kick a$$ - the song goes well with the siren! :P It was wierd... put me in the best mood!
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    Volunteer Squads

    As far as having the entire dept standing around on a BS call... It happens (but they are quickly sent on their way by the officer in command). But its also happend when initial call has come in for a 1 car accident unknown injury but onscene we find car vs tanker. Then you're happy to have...
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    How's Class?

    Just got my grades!!! First semester of I class is over with a short 3 month minimester to go. First semester of A&P down too. If all goes as planned I should start P classes in August along with my last few gen-eds for the Associates in EMS degree. I got B's across the boards this...
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    I'm Curious...

    22 years old. DOB 10/8/82 B)
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    Woman jailed after calling 911 about pizza man

    Awww.... that nutterbutter is someone's grandma! still funny tho :blink: :lol: ....
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    When do you call for a lift assist?

    I dont think I've ever been on a call with a shortage of FF's or EMT's standing around. Like I just posted in the volunteer thread, we all have pagers- when the tones drop everyone and their uncle comes running. Usually the extra people are good about staying outside/in the rigs unless needed...
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    Volunteer Squads

    Our dept is volly fire & EMS. We all carry pagers and most respond to the station. A few of us (myself included) live either on the outskirts of the district, or slightly out of district - we usually respond directly to the scene. The rule of thumb is that if you have to drive by a scene to...
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    How Many Forum Members Does It Take?

    hehe... thats me... oh. i think i just did it again! :P
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    We dont only take care of humans

    I posted this a while back in the "Say What???" thread: Dispatch: This is METCOM paging xnxx, E-xxx, E-xxx, Tankerxxx, Rescuexxx, BrushTruckxxx. You are needed to respond to xxx ___ street for a report of a cow that has fallen into a pool. (long pause open mic) the cow is drowning. Only...
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    this night rated -10 on a 1 to 10 scale

    Late as usual, but just wanted to say you're in my thoughts and prayers.
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    How's Class?

    If I remember correctly, there were several of us starting class in Jan. Just curious how the semester went for everyone, how long you have left etc.
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    Anyone do stand-bys at sporting events?

    We do a day or two at the County Fair, which usually includes some sort of event... demo derby, rodeo, etc. BUT I'm the newby so I get stuck in the EMS tent. They call it BA4BB detial- band aid for boo boo. WOO HOOO!! :P
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    You know you are a dinosaur when

    We still use towell rolls, I hadn't even seen a head block till I started P-school in another system. We still carry MAST pants too... any one else? Anyone use them in the last 5 years???
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    Glucometer Blood...

    If its a non diabetic trauma pt, we get the blood from the IV. For any diabetic problem or altered LOC of unknown etiology we use the finger. As its been said before, if they're consious they will more than likely tell you which finger to use. As a diabetic, I can tell you that in my opinion...
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    Childrens Drawings

    I'm sorry if the offended you or anyone. Humor kills stress for me; we lose patients every day but some hurt more. I have a lot of stress to kill, perhaps I should not have shared the photos with the members of emtlife. One of my co-workers sent them to me in order to cheer me up. Humor is the...
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    Securing 12 Lead/AED

    Our LP12 lives in a cabinet when not in use. When in use it usually sits on the bench or between the pt's legs. Never thought about it flying around in the event of a crash. I imagine it could leave a mark. As for damaging the machine... I wouldnt worry about that. The sales rep is...