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    A Cute T-Shirt and Hoodie for the Ladies! :)

    Here's a cute t-shirt and hoodie for the ladies: Enjoy! :)
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    Any websites/links for help with ECG?

    Here's an online training resource that you might find helpful:
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    Paramedic School and full time job..

    It can be done with a full-time job, but it's definitely tough. The best advice I can give you is to keep the coffee pot fresh. :) Good luck! :)
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    Horrible experience with PERCOM

    Thanks for sharing your experience on them. Until reading your post, I'd only heard good things about them. I hope that your experience was rare, but this will definitely go in my "mental file cabinet". Thanks for sharing!
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    Nj emt or ny emt

    I've heard that NJ is easier, but I suppose it's all just a matter of opinion. Of course, easier isn't always better. :)
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    NCTI Santa Barbara

    I think it's a major red flag that you can't even get a response back from them. I'd proceed with caution because if it's hard to just get them to answer some basic questions, I'd have serious reservations about enrolling. Good luck in whatever you decide!
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    Paramedic programs for RN-EMTs

    Hi JakeyJake, Have you checked with Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska? Here's their main number: (402) 280-2700
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    What school in Calgary should i go to for my EMT program?

    Hi CMacker, Here's a school you might want to check out: SAIT Polytechnic 1301 16th Ave NW Calgary, Alberta, CANADA T2M 0L4 403.284.7248
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    Medic schools in Las

    Hi DW, Here ya go: EMS Training Centers of Southern Nevada Phone: (702) 651-9111 Fax: (702) 361-2000 3310 Sunrise Ave Ste 102, Las Vegas, NV 89101-4851 Good luck!!!
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    Whatcha pocket?

    For me personally I carry a pen, a flashlight, gloves (8-10 pairs), my wallet, and my phone.
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    "Non-Injury" Traffic Accident

    The way I would handle this would be to have him sign a refusal in the presence of one other witness.
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    how long did it take you to feel competent?

    I think it's different for everyone, but for me I'd say it took about a month or so before I really felt comfortable.