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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    First Response Unit: Incoming ambulance from XXXX on Med B ... 1 minute of awkward silence First Response Unit: Dispatch from XXXX, can you dispatch an ambulance to our location.
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    It wasn't so much dumb on their part as it was mildly entertaining to hear come over the radio.
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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    My favorite one of those was when we were working standby at a major outdoor concert and were checking on drunk students to make sure they weren't so drunk we needed to actually do something about it. College Student: *Barfs on floor* Crew Chief: Have you been drinking today? *Looks at...
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    Which do you use/prefer... GPS or map book?

    Definitely think that having a map book as a backup is a necessity, but that a GPS is significantly easier in many situations. The other thing that I think is really helpful is familiarity with your response area. Obviously, if you have a big area to cover there's no way you can know it all...
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    "xxxx to xxx, the alarm is from burned popcorn in the break room. You guys can cancel, I'll be resetting the alarm." "xxx copies burned popcorn. Engine X, Engine Y, Ladder Z, you are clear to return to quarters. xxxx, let me know when you've got it reset." xxxx was an on-scene campus "fire"...
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    Best cold weather gloves?

    One good option for cheap, thin gloves would be military surplus glove liners. They make them in polypro and in a wool/polypro blend and in a couple of different thicknesses. If you have a surplus store near you, it might be worth checking out.
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    Hurricane Sandy

    I'm pretty far (Ithaca, NY) from the main part of it, but even so we've had a ton of trees and power lines down already.
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    Hurricane Sandy

    I think I'm just going to look into my county's SAR team, since I think they help with this kind of thing also, and since I almost joined them last year anyway. Thanks for the info everyone!
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    Hurricane Sandy

    Anybody know of good ways to get involved and help out or of places that are looking for EMT volunteers to help? I don't think my agency is doing anything beyond our immediate location (Ithaca, NY). I'm definitely interested in helping out where it's needed, I just have no idea how to since I've...
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    would you c-spine?

    I'm going to have to start using this phrase, since it seems like such a better description than "position of comfort" for many situations.
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    College BLS Uniform

    I'm with a collegiate EMS agency and we use polos. Navy blue, with the squad patch on the left shoulder, EMT patch on the right shoulder (if a member has earned it), and the squad logo embroidered on the left front. On the back, we have screen printed the name of our school and EMS below it in...
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    Having an issue with Documentation and Charting

    We were told in our service (we also use EMSCharts) to put "Unresponsive" or something to that effect if the patient is unresponsive and cannot tell us a chief complaint. We were also told that we could, in some cases, summarize what the patient would have told us, if they were capable. So...
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    EMTLife Vitals Hall of Fame

    One of my friends (not a patient) once blew a BAC of .48. Thankfully I wasn't there that night.
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    Options for "first in" backpacks

    We use the StatPacks BackUp as our primary bag (we're BLS first-response). We have their O2 module and a couple of their "Small Universal" modules in ours to help keep things organized. If you have any questions about how much we manage to fit in, let me know, I'd be happy to help! Links...
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    Moving to NY

    Shouldn't be too difficult to do once you have another state's license/certification. New York generally accepts other states for reciprocity, so it should just be a matter of filling out the right paperwork. Here's the state's website with information about reciprocity...
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    Rapid Trauma Assessment vs Focussed Assessment

    While I agree with the idea behind what you're saying in general (that the first part of your assessment is to find immediate life threatening problems and that the assessment is an overall process and not just a skills checklist), at least in my EMT course, this part of the assessment (what I...
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    Your Ideal Uniform

    After having the same initial reaction as you, I went through the relevant sections of the laws and it looks like they are operating under a combination of Statute 47.37.230 and Statute 47.37.170 (parts of both quoted below). So they aren't specifically rounding up homeless people. They're...
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    nys emt exam

    Yeah, I personally don't mind waiting too much, since I'm already working with an agency that doesn't require you to be an EMT to be useful to them. It does kinda suck that it takes them so long though.
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    nys emt exam

    Some of us don't live in places where that's an option. I wish I could've done the instant scoring option, but the closest place was about a two hour drive, which I couldn't do given that I was in classes until an hour or so before the exam.
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    Volunteering in Cincinnati

    Anyone know of any good opportunities to volunteer as an EMT-B in Cincinnati, Ohio? I should be getting my reciprocity here (I'm from Cincinnati but go to school in upstate NY and am getting my cert there) before the summer. I'll be working most of the time at a Boy Scout camp in the area...