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    Sleeping on the job:how do you do it?

    Why does the conversation degrade itself to this point just because someone expresses their opinion?
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    I'm not sure if I would like to be forced to learn another language, but if given options and/or free training, I wouldn't mind learning a second language. I went out and took courses in sign language and enjoy it very much. I even immerse myself into their culture in order to learn more...
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    Look, its the ride along!

    Speaking from the "student" standpoint, I can totally agree with everyone and everything that's been said. I take the initiative and find out what to where, if it is different from what the school said I have to wear. So far, my preceptors have been fine, allowing me to do what I'm...
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    Are there any 2 to 5 month EMT programs in Detroit?

    It's been a while, but I took a "rescue" course through Macomb Community College many moons ago. I like their course, but didn't see everything that was available. Good luck in your search.
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    What to expect in EMT-B clinicals?

    At a certain point in our class (sorry, can't remember), but perhaps after the CPR certification, we had to do 10 hours in the emergency room and by the end of the class, we had to document as least 10 patient contacts. They did not determine a time on the patient contacts, but considering...
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    What's the Deal with EMTs on TV?

    Natural deaths, after consulting with coroner and family physician, we can remove the body for delivery to the funeral home. Have done it once so far.
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    vodka tampons, "butt chugging" Teens stupid tricks to get drunk

    As a married (30 years) person, who also have had daughters through puberty, I'm not ashamed of what's on the shopping/grocery list. At this point, I think I've bought everything. Just seems like a long process, soaking-back in plastic applicator-inserting......just drink it straight. I can...
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    vodka tampons, "butt chugging" Teens stupid tricks to get drunk

    Although I cannot claim to be an expert on tampons, but wouldn't a tampon soaked in vodka be wet and pliable and nearly impossible to insert? :wacko:
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    If your coworkers and you prepare joint meals

    Various places, EMS versus Fire. Big city (paid/vol fire:all vol EMS), we were essentially on our own for the EMS people to catch something. I can't remember but a few times where we actually cooked in the station. We usually resorted to catching something between runs (either fast-food or a...
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    Call taker test

    I dispatched for law enforcement in California. The only thing I did for our agency was to pass a typing test (net speed). They took care of all the training through the course of a year, breaking in on phones, mock calls and the like. Over the course of that year, phones were first and they...
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    it was funny but was it a big oops?

    I had a boss who, at one time, liked to prank other but he was not a happy made it all the more enjoyable to watch.:P
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    ATTN Veterans!!

    To Veterans who have served (my mom, dad, myself, my wife, my father-in-law to name a few).........and to those who are presently serving (my son for one and my brother-in-law)......THANK YOU for your service.
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    EMS in Haiti

    My first experience was back in the mid-70's, while in the military stationed in Japan. We (ambulance crew of Navy medics) had to respond to a very rural area in Japan about three hours' drive from the base to pick up a Marine injured in a minor car collision. I was amazed at the scale of...
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    How do you become an EMT-I?

    Check with your state's department of emergency services. There is a big push to align with national standards from EMT-I to Advanced EMT, but state EMT/EMS website/office should be able to direct you to a local training facility. I don't know what state you're in, so I can't search for you.
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    Accelerated EMT – B Program in December (14 Days)

    Curiosity asks, just what does $1,200 buy you other than the training? (books not included). Others may be adapted to this type of learning environment, but I wasn't. I like my standard class structure. It's intense (medic-level) with one day a week.
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    Credit score

    That's not to say that a devastating event can happen, death, job loss, etc, but be prepared to be asked about it and what you're doing or planning on doing to fix things. I listen to honest and sincere answers and can pretty much just your responses on how you handle adversity and challenges.
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    Credit score

    I don't care what your credit score is, you handle your credit is indicative of your responsibility as an individual. If I see someone who purchases high ticket items (car, house, boat), then makes no effort to pay them off, have them repossessed, or declares bankruptcy is...
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    Credit score

    A lot of public agencies, including law enforcement (and I guess it can be fire/EMS) can come under scrutiny at times. You hear of the occasional FF/EMT/LEO taking personal possessions of patients and that not only makes news, but brings bad light on a company. Again, you hear the bad...
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    BLS with no medical knowlege?

    I took my first EMT-Basic class back in the mid-1970's with little more than first aid skills I learned in Boy Scouts. As stated above, listen in class, take notes, study, hit up some of the people in class that know their way around. Good luck, it's been a wild ride in the 35 years or...
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    Why do you love your job?

    I've been spit on, crapped upon, put down, yelled at, cursed at, called out of bed at oh-dark-thirty, both paid (military) and volunteer served......but it all comes down to the few times I've been thanked. It makes up for all the "not so good times". :cool: