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    Shooting Prep.

    This week my small municipal department started the first phase of planning for a shooting event by walking through the place that has the most people in it at any given time, our high school. Most of the time we were in the school we spent astounded about how complicated the floor plan was...
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    Person down/unknown problem

    Uhhhh... Go there.
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    Interview tips

    Bring trauma shears.
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    If I am 22 and never had a gf, is working EMS making it more difficult?

    I've always found that people who are "so dedicated to EMS" tend to talk about how important they are and how they saved somebody's life or how awesome this fatal wreck was or how this nursing home was killing their patient. Perhaps, with some honest self reflection, you can decide if you are or...
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    Progressive EMS states

    RI is making a major upgrade in their protocols in a couple of months. Adding a fistful of procedures and meds and taking med control pretty much out of the equation for Ps. But then you'd have to live in Rhode Island.
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    Progressive EMS states

    A lot of yelling. I prefer my paramedics to be passive-aggressive.
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    Have you considered CT? American in Norwich does 911 for Norwich, ALS intercepts to surrounding BLS community EMS and also does discharge and ALS transfers out of Lawrence & Memorial. If you're willing to take the drive, New Haven AMR is pretty busy.
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    Paramedic Program Employer Contracts

    My volly service paid the $1,500 initial deposit with an agreement to 10 hours a week for 2 years after licensure. Our course was $5,000 with reasonable monthly payments.
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    Which Ems pants??

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    Medical director in a clinic setting????

    Look into the Borrowed Servant Doctrine. See where you would stand with your MD.
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    Thinking of transferring companies, help?

    How long have you been an EMT? How long have you been involved in the service your with now? Did you just waltz into this social circle and anticipate everybody to drop everything and focus on you? Most volly services I've seen have close knit groups and it takes a while for them to welcome...
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    Continuous fluid BVM ventilation

    Have you asked your instructors?
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    AC Temperature

    The heat/cool in my current truck has 2 settings: Off & Jet Engine.
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    Is it hard to find employment in ems after emt school

    While I've always had work, it's taken me 7 years to find a gig I enjoy.
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    What personal items do you carry?

    Seriously? Am I the only person that goes to work without preparing for war? What do you bring to work regularly? "OMG?! My wallet is to big to do filing today! I better slim down!" "If we get a call" means you're going to a smaller service. Bring a book. Not a textbook, a book you're reading...
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    Gift ideas for a Female EMT!

    Always go Caribbean vacation. Works every time.
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    Flashlights and Knives?

    Do you intend on doing a lot of stabbing? What happens when your psych Pt, or what turns out to be a psych, decides it's time to go hands on and gets a hold of that knife? Think about safety, not looking cool.
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    worried about losing my license

    No raises. Mandatory $15/hr minimum wage for all paramedics.
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    worried about losing my license

    Did the person die during transport? Did they get worse? Did you willfully act in a way that is contrary to your licensure? Were you drunk? Did anybody freak out at the ED? Do you know ANYBODY who has lost their license before? If you can answer Yes to any of these, worry. If not, don't.
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    Explaining MI

    Have you checked Google? This is very straight forward stuff.