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    Job for new EMT in SoCal in San Fernando Valley Area?

    @KhukuriLord how did the interviews go?
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    New EMT - Kern County

    @gonefishing @VentMonkey thank you guys, appreciate the help! I'll also be applying to other companies around the valley until then
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    New EMT - Kern County

    Thank you to everyone that replied! I have been getting somethings together before applying, but noticed they are not hiring for EMT at the moment. @gonefishing any idea when they will be hiring?
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    New EMT - Kern County

    Hello everyone, New here and new EMT. I've heard great things about Hall ambulance so I'm looking at applying there. From other threads, there is supposed to be two interviews where the first is general HR questions, but not much info on the second interview. Does anyone here have any insight...