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    the 100% directionless thread

    Thank you, thank you, it has certainly been a roller coaster. I believe you've all met my new (and Oh so much better is every way) husband. He is registered here as LACoCowboyEMT. And he really is an EMT (yeah, we met on the job :hangs head:)
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    TJ!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally did it and came back. Course, I'm on temporary total disability...

    TJ!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally did it and came back. Course, I'm on temporary total disability right now, and my doctor is talking about possibly having to retire me
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    the 100% directionless thread

    My, oh my, where to start. Things have been weird for me for a couple years. Need someone who will understand.
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    How old were you?

    I was 27, I think. Hard to remember right now. Um, someone help, Just had my 4 year anniversary a couple days ago and I'm 31
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    I'm BAAAAAACCCCK!!!!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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    So Cal Market

    JG, Riverside is NOT small. Small is <150 full time employees..... And, yes, we're full staffed (actually, overstaffed)
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    I'm BAAAAAACCCCK!!!!!!

    LOL JP, don't worry, looks like I'll be leaving LA county, and going back to the inland empire soon, VERY soon. And, well, as long as you STAY in pomona, we won't have to meet while I'm working either :p
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    I'm BAAAAAACCCCK!!!!!!

    Hello all, after a LOOOOOOOOONG hiatus, I'm back! It was all personal life stuff, and has since calmed WAY down, whooooohooooo. (for any who knew what was going on, I'll be celebrating the end of it all on 3/12, can't wait!) So, I'll be around, ahhhh, it's good to be home
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    What are you getting set up for ths winter?

    What I'm getting set up for has nothing to do with EMS.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :gasp gasp gasp: AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA :grabs side: OOOOOO, cramp! Ow, ow, ow! See, my problem is, Aracrab doesn't make uniform shirts small enough for me to get them that tight! I'm one of the few people at work that doesn't get told to...
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    Training in So.Cali?

    The reason most programs don't start til January is because most GOOD programs are run by colleges, on the college's semester system. You've missed the start of Fall term, so, will need to wait for the Spring term. Could always do the slightly accelerated Winter session, there are some...
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    Training in So.Cali?

    Not so much, since LACoFD made them one of their preferred programs to send the firefighter's their forcing to become medics to.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Ok, it's hard to see, that's why I'm asking, but, does the female medic seriously have her shirt open far enough down to show cleavage? REALLY?!!!! Just great, now I'm gonna started getting complaints that why aren't I showing cleavage, the chick in that show shows cleavage!
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    Whats in your bag??

    Um, dewd, I don't think anyone was talking about what was in their jump kit!
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    the 100% directionless thread

    I've been trying to convince my pilot type friends of this fact, they're all in LOVE with the SPOT, especially since the SARSATs aren't listening to 121.5 mhz anymore.
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    Need a back safety tip.

    Dominion, Fire isn't available if you're exclusively IFT, as the OP stated they were
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    EMS Tattoos

    Devil Dog, that really depends on the employer. There are apparently some that would prefer no ink at all. Of course, if your ink can be completely covered by normal clothing, I can't imagine them doing a strip search. My supervisors didn't know about my ink until I'd been working for almost...
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    1 and 1 Rig?

    Or Chinese? We seem to have a lot of Korean SNF nurses too....
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    Need a back safety tip.

    How you handle this situation depends on many factors, including how tall you are. Yes, you can kneel on the bed. You can do the "lift" in two, first one scooting the pt closer to the stretcher first, then, kneel on the bed for the actual lift over. I personally am quiet short, so I prefer to...
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    A proper 12 lead would've done wonders.

    Mr Brown, what you don't realize is, AMR owns Riverside county. Even more so than San Bernardino County.... My question to the OP is, who ran the initial 12 lead???? note, as stated under my training, I'm not even a medic student, just a lowly basic.