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    Schaefer Ambulance Service

    sound like a great reason to set up a public utility model for EMS, run by the county, following the 3rd service model; only a government entity can operate a system like this (like the fire departments and police operate) on a continuous loss, because that loss will be made up with the...
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    UTAH Heli Rescue
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    Alert and Oriented in relationship to GCS Scoring

    I'll be honest, I have never used AOx4; I have always used AOx3, so if you use 4, and take one off, it looks normal to me. I'd have asked the same question. I am not saying the 4th (event) isn't important or shouldn't be done, but if a 5th qualifier is added, if the patient misses 2, they will...
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    2018 conferences and classes

    So It's been a year...... For those that attended conferences, what did you think? for 2019, I'm looking at attending several conferences: EMSToday 2019 Mass Gathering Medicine Summit in Las Vegas EMSPro Expo in Ct South Carolina Fire-Rescue Conference in Columbia SC South Atlantic Fire Rescue...
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    For the more seasoned EMTs, what does a new EMTB do that bothers you?

    that's not a training thing... that's a lazy crew, and either needs an operational correction from a supervisor (stop wasting medic resources before you have even seen the patient or we are going to fire you) or a clinical correction from the medical director or clinical coordinator (if you...
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    For the more seasoned EMTs, what does a new EMTB do that bothers you?

    I don't know what an ECF is, but If you look at the current EMT training, very often one of the first steps is call for additional resources, which often means paramedics. The thinking is better to have then and not need them, when the reality is exactly what you said, know why you need ALS...
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    Diary of the NREMT

    yeah, that's called reciprocity, it's very common. It's how I got my NYS EMT. and NC EMT. but the big difference is you were given a state cert from that state, with a state number; you weren't operating under NR, you had the state approval with a state card. I have no problem with anything...
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    Scope of practice issue?

    totally off topic, but of pull up for a n MVA, and need additional resources (helicopter, 5 more ambulances, PD because one of the drivers is waving his gun around because he's drunk, etc) since you have no radio or cell coverage, how do you call for help?
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    Choosing between two companies

    North Carolina. For me, the mountains are 3 hours west, the ocean is 2 hours east, and my 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom house in the capital city cost me less than 175k. Most people on here don't have many good things to say about SoCal EMS, particularly in the LA area, especially if you aren't a...
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    Got my what?

    Let me see if I understand your situation: you have never worked full time in EMS, only LEO you have never worked full time on an ambulance you have never worked full time as a medic you never worked a job where EMS was a large priority of your job as of two years ago, " I don't know very much...
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    CMS Rolling Out New Reimbursement Options

    This has been all over linkedin, I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned earlier. I am curious how it is going to be implemented but the heathcare system in general.
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    Scope of practice issue?

    I've bolded and underlined the important factor. If nothing goes wrong, if no one asks questions, if the patient is happy and better off in the end, there is a near certainty that no disciplinary action would occur. Have I seen EMT-I who were only credentialed as EMTs in that system start...
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    Scope of practice issue?

    And it doesn't apply in this case. Most paramedics who are on BLS ambulances are either 1) operating at the agencies BLS level, as the agency is only licensed as a BLS agency or 2) functioning within the job description of an EMT, as that is the only role that the agency recognized. Even the...
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    DUI Driver hits 9 people in Fullerton CA, how does a bystander respond?

    I'd call 911. once the rescue crews are on the way, start trying to get people out from under the car. with enough help, it is possible to lift a car, at least enough to pull people out from under it.
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    Expired Washington State EMT

    NREMT Lapsed Certification Policy you're welcome
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    I am new here! I have a question about getting into this career...

    I will only say this: many of the people you will see naked in EMS, you will wish you hadn't seen naked.
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    No ETI.

    Part of the issue with paramedics being unable to intubate on the first time if they don't do it enough. the studies, particularly out west, support that thinking. If you have a medic who hasn't intubated a live person in over a year, can you really fault them for not being proficient in it...
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    Choosing between two companies

    To be honest, I don't know anything about either of them.... however.... 1) you're a newbie EMT without any experience. So there are 10 applicants for every 1 position. competition is steep. apply to both, and see who offers you the best deal. 2) you have posted other threads about best...
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    How do you deal with suicide calls when you have experienced if firsthand?

    If the sounds of siren, or the sight of flashing lights cripples you to the point of being able to function as an EMS providers, than this job isn't for you. You will NEVER be ready for everything; I don't care how long you have been doing this job; you will go on the call and ask the patient...
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    Private 9-1-1/ALS Opportunity

    In a nutshell, there is 0 reason for the for the FD to be on 90% of EMS calls. Fire should do fire, EMS should do EMS. For rough numbers, In a career system, tiered is generally the way to go, so you should have as many BLS ambulances as engines, and staffed ALS ambulances as ladders/rescues...