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    For the more seasoned EMTs, what does a new EMTB do that bothers you?

    Extended Care Facility (Nursing Home). Private service I used to work at some nights medic and 1 BLS crew would be posted downtown and other BLS crews would be posted E, W, N & S all about 5-7 miles from Downtown. The BLS crew on one side of town would get a dispatch in their area, and mark...
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    Diary of the NREMT

    To Dr Parasite and Hometownmedic: 1: Where I was working before we had to be NR; and then the state would give us their certification as long as we had a letter from the supervisor of the company that we were going to work from and our new medical director (although a phone call for the MD...
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    Scope of practice issue?

    Be able to justify it; more than half of our response areas at both my PT and FT jobs don't have cell or radio coverage. so calling medical control for orders is hard a lot of the time. So we do what we need to do, and ask forgiveness after the fact. In some states Basics are allowed to do...
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    How to get most out of clinicals

    It was a high volume ED with about 80 beds (if they didn't do hall beds if they did they could do about 110 beds). Like I said I have suggested that to a lot of students but most of them tell me I am crazy and it is not worth the work. Of course these are students that don't get to do much or...
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    For the more seasoned EMTs, what does a new EMTB do that bothers you?

    Call for a medic for everything; when I got there and asked things like vital sounds and the ones they have were from the ECF, not theirs. or worse get called for respiratory distress and I would ask what breath sounds were like and they don't know. If you are going to call for a medic...
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    Diary of the NREMT

    NR is good if you ever do an out of state transport (which you will do someday if you work for a private service); people say they won't do it, but when I worked in Indiana I transported to or from 11 other states in 8 years at one company. Also on the way to or back from the patient I don't...
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    Chest Pain

    For me; all of the above, and fly them cause our closest cath lab of any decency is 85 miles away (except the last 2 days with 70 + mph winds) so it is a long drive). ASA, Fluid, Fentanyl (low BP, no morphine) Atropine if fluid doesn't help; try pacing call medical control. Call EMS in next...
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    How to get most out of clinicals

    When I did ED clinicals (and ICU, L & D, and floor) I did something that no one had ever heard about; but worked great for me and some people that have I told. I go in and introduce myself to the charge nurses, helped with room checks; then go and find the supply carts and went and restock...
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    LVAD PowerPoint/training?

    look on Youtube
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    How to become the best basic

    1: Learn; ask questions; but at the appropriate times: do not question what your more experienced partners are doing in front of patients and family. Especially if it is something you learned in Basic class. Just cause it was brought up in class doesn't mean it was right. Had a new EMT-B...
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    Night Shifts

    Where I work FT we work 48 hours on, 5 days off; but we are very very slow; if it was busy it would kill us. PT job (paid on call) it is up to us what we want to work, we average 3 to 5 runs a 24 hour shift (for company); but it is 110 miles to closest hospital. usually 3 crews on per day...
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    Working while in Medic School

    I had a lot of people ask me how I worked FT during medic school, my answer was always "I don't know". I worked minimum if 36 1st week, 48 2nd week plus usually OT, plus 24 at FD that was paying my way through school, while going to medic school which was 2 8 hour class days and anywhere from...
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    Seattle FD prepares for AMR EMT strike

    So AMR was only paying $15.94 to start when minimum wage in Seattle is $15.00, I wouldn't be happy with that either. And Seattle Fire was going to take the fully stocked ambulances from AMR to use if they struck? Wow, wonder who wrote that contract.
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    Transporting Your Attacker, and Your Right to Refuse

    Bad thing is while working EMS the longest jail time anyone that assaulted me was ever given by a judge was 19 hours; 'time served for felony assault'. When I worked retail the longest time someone was given for assault was 15 years. Problem them somewhere
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    Transporting Your Attacker, and Your Right to Refuse

    Problem is; you can't refuse to respond to a 'location' because usually in cases like this it would be a street or a corner. Today would be a homeless person, tomorrow could be the mayor's wife who sprained her ankle stepping off the curb at the same corner. You can ask for the police to...
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    City of Cleveland denying PTSD support for EMS workers

    That will come back to bite them
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    Physicians Assistant ?

    I had a couple of coworkers who did PA school while working FT, one as an EMT Basic, and one as a Medic. Depends on your work and study habits, and if your company and partner lets you sleep between patients.
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    Continuing in EMS?

    I have people ask me how I worked FT and went to School FT time, and my answer is "I don't know" I worked on average of 70 hours a week, had 16 hours of class and 32-48 hours of clinicals a week. Get a degree; most of your general ed you can do online now, makes it way easier. Most medic...
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    First Code (observed)

    I have worked well over 100 codes, I don't remember many of them but I remember in detail every pediatric code: Like they said above, if nothing else grab something to write on, and take notes, time everything that something was done; drug, shock, etc. I have had people taking notes, that...
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    FireFighter Arrested by CHP. Thoughts?

    Problem is when the PD is telling fire to move apparatus then they are opening Emergency personnel and equipment up to higher danger by other vehicles; happened a few years ago on the east coast somewhere, Police officer actually moved an engine that was blocking a lane on a freeway at a bad...