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    CCT Fly Car

    At my agency, all ambulances are setup for 911 or cc transfers. All of our supervisors and 3/4 of our medics have critical care certs. They will swap out or ride in with the ambulance medic if it is a critical care patient (911 or transfer) and a regular medic, or ride in for extra help...
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    San Diego EMS Curiosity

    Makes sense that they are offering 12k sign on bonus for 1 year for full time medics with that type of pay. Even the bonus is not much or worth staying once it’s paid out.
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    San Diego EMS Curiosity

    Bump curious if anyone on the ground as more info on morale, pay increases, schedules, etc. From what I could find on the google, sounded like Falck is not doing great. I would love to move back to SD, but it's seems like the best and most affordable way to do it is making a career change