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    I just found out today that I passed my written exam so I am now officially an EMT!
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    I just finished my EMT class and I took the practicals about a month ago and I took the written today. I found out a few weeks ago that I am pregnant and now I am wondering if I should bother trying for a job at a local service now or if I should just wait untill I have my child?
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    NREMT Practicals

    good luck It's hard to tell what it will be like state to state. I just took my practicals last month and thankfully passed. Don't bring any study materials into the building at all and make sure you are there on time so you can hear them call your school. It's hard to say what the set up...
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    Start school in Jan 2008

    enjoy I am finishing my EMT class now, my advice is to pay attention and have fun. My class got really close and we are all friends and we are always willing to help each other which helped a lot. Remember the basics: ABCs, personal safety is the most important thing and PMS.
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    Hi ya'll... I'm Ali, from MO. I go take my NREMT saturday and am really nervous/eexcited.. any suggestions?