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    Hone your leaderships skills while you build an ambulance service from the ground up!

    The spring session of Ambulance Service Management begins April 1st, but is limited to twenty students. Management of Ambulance Services will teach management in EMS including finances, vehicle purchase, human resources, quality improvement, and more. Students will, as their skills develop...
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    Dr. Google Strikes Again!

    We're offering a webinar on December 18 titled "Dr. Google Strikes Again." We will be covering how to assess and manage patient who do at-home procedures, self-medicate, and self-diagnose. We'll also be discussing common off-label uses for medications, essential oils, and how to take a history...
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    Management of Ambulance Services Class

    Good Evening, All The Star of Life Institute will be hosting an online Management of Ambulance Services class beginning February 2nd. There is a scholarship available as well. Topics covered will include purchasing an ambulance, tax millages, human resources, agency budgeting, and more. Click...
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    Online EMS Leadership Class Begins November 3rd

    Good Evening, All In response to a need for enhanced leadership in the EMS industry and the realization that many leaders are picked for unrelated reasons (being a fantastic Paramedic, for example), I have launched an Introduction to EMS Leadership course. The course runs seven weeks and is...
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    Duty to Act Info

    Morning, Folks There's a profound mix-up here. Many of you are looking at Good Samaritan laws. These are, essentially, guarantees not to be liable IF you choose to help while off duty. Duty to act laws determine whether we are obligated. Being a licensed Paramedic, am I obligated while...
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    EMS Mnemonics (memory device)

    SPINAL INNERVATION C-3-4-5, Keep the Diaphram Alive T-5-6-7, Raise the Arms Up to Heaven S-2-3-4, Keep the Penis Off the Floor BACKBOARDING Neck, Navel, Nuts, Knees - Don't put straps on any of these.
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    Paramedic Student Advise

    1. Get to know your classmates, because you'll probably see more of them than your family for a while. 2. If you're going to be looking for a job, consider clinical time the perfect "try before you buy." You see how they work, and they see how you work (so come looking and acting like a...
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    Negative Electrode for Precordial Leads

    I can't seem to find the answer to this. ECG's reflect a positive deflection when the current is travelling toward the positive electrode (example: Lead II measures between RA and LL. When we acquire a 12-Lead ECG, the precordial leads are the positive electrodes. What serves as the negative...
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    Tranexamic Acid

    Good Evening, Folks I just learned that our agency will be getting a TXA protocol in the next few months. Who else out there has it, have you used it, and can you share any insight as to how well it's worked for you?
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    BLS Experience Prior to ALS Education

    Good Afternoon, All This is something that's been discussed indirectly in other threads, but lacks an (intelligent) discussion of its own. The question: Is it good practice for providers to proceed to Paramedic-Level education immediately upon becoming an EMT? If so, why? If not, why, and...
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    Improving EMS

    Northern Michigan
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    Improving EMS

    Good Morning, All I'm in a rut. I'm a full-time field paramedic working in a small (4 medics, 25 volunteer EMT's) system, and I love running calls every day, but I want to do more. I want to be part of improving EMS throughout the region. I want to help develop new protocols, participate in...
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    Starting paramedic school

    I thought I was done, but DE triggered a few more. 13. Always be better behaved that the people you work with, because even if they're doing it, they won't hesitate to judge you for it. Just because they ***** about getting a hold-over call doesn't mean you should. Just because they laugh about...
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    Starting paramedic school

    First off, congrats on starting something new! 1. When you do clinicals, especially in the hospital, don't focus on skills, focus on patients and providers. Yeah, I know you might need 50 IV starts, but that's not where your benefit will lie. It's seeing 30 patients start-to-finish (rather than...
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    Epinephrine Drip During Arrest

    Good Afternoon I'm looking into the idea of using an epinephrine drip in a cardiac arrest rather than using one dose of 1:10,000 epinephrine every 3-5 minutes. If you mix 10mg of 1:1000 epinephrine in 100mL and run at 3mL /min, it comes out to 1mg epinephrine every 3 minutes. Does anyone have...
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    I was thinking 2nd Degree, T2, but wanted to see if anyone had any insight.
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    East Jordan, Michigan

    The Jordan Valley EMS Authority is seeking a full-time Paramedic. Applicants should be licensed or able to be licensed in Michigan. If you're looking to live in a beautiful area of Northern Michigan and work in a family-oriented atmosphere, you've found your match. -Competitive Wage -Health...
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    Theoretically, and for the sake of argument, do you believe antibiotics being administered by EMS 20 minutes prior to ED arrival would make a difference in patient care vs. receiving them upon ED arrival 20 minutes later?
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    After reading about some services with sepsis and septic shock protocols that include use of antibiotics, I'm wondering if anyone here has such a protocol. If so: 1. What antibiotics are in your protocol, and what guidelines do you have for their use? 2. What is the transport time to your...
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    Possible Seizure

    The term I used was "stainless steel allergy." That was my question too. The end result? 10mg Versed total. Turns out she has a history of going into "seizures" when under arrest, but one of the more convincing I've witnessed.