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  1. dC0m

    Union v. Non-Union in Private EMS?

    I think only private ambulance companies in Northern California (specifically, Bay Area) are unionized. That's probably a result of the fairly liberal area as well as high living costs. If private ambulance companies in NorCal operated like their southern California counterparts, no one would...
  2. dC0m

    GCTI Ambulance Raided

    Being raided does not mean you have to shut down the business, unless the court tells you to cease operations. Until they find information incriminating you, you still have a license to operate (until the country catches wind of it). Another ambulance company in San Diego was raided a few...
  3. dC0m

    the 100% directionless thread

    First thing that came to mind was that applying for reciprocity to be a living hell.:rofl: For example, my cert would be good in "Southern California", but if I wanted to pick up a side gig in "West California", I would have to apply there. And if I wanted to work back at home, I would have to...
  4. dC0m

    Higher Paying/Most Desired Depts.

    They do hire EMT-B's. Not a lot, because those who get hired on don't leave (given the salary and benefits, who would?!) I think most of their units are EMT/Medic, if not dual medics. They also don't have many units. San Francisco is a very busy system where they also contract 911 service with a...
  5. dC0m

    Denis Leary bringing "Sirens" to the States (EMS on TV)

    Anyone watched this show yet? I watched the first 3 episodes last night and it was alright. Definitely got some humor in it. If I had to rate it, I would give it a 6 out of 10.
  6. dC0m

    Hiring in San Diego?

    I've seen them around once. I'm not sure if they're accredited by the county to operate. I know First Choice is. ART is most likely another IFT company (dialysis, transport calls), probably similar to First Choice, maybe even less rigs.
  7. dC0m

    Hiring in San Diego?

    Seen them around town (First Choice Ambulance) a few times. New company; probably no more than 3 years old. Most likely an IFT company so you'll probably handle a bunch of dialysis calls. They're one of the few companies that constantly spam CL looking for new EMTs - which could mean a few...
  8. dC0m

    Balboa ambulance in San Diego raided by FBI in criminal investagtion

    I bet you Balboa Ambulance themselves are still scratching their heads as to what they did wrong. No updates so far.. not public at least..
  9. dC0m

    New USA TV Series "Sirens"

    Interesting trailer - looking forward to its premier!
  10. dC0m

    Balboa ambulance in San Diego raided by FBI in criminal investagtion

    On my way to school, I saw an AmeriCare rig going to UCSD (I usually never see them..).. So maybe.. :rofl:
  11. dC0m

    Balboa ambulance in San Diego raided by FBI in criminal investagtion

    Hah! I want to read the full details. I have a few buddies that works/worked at Balboa.
  12. dC0m

    CARE Ambulance employment exam

  13. dC0m

    AMR to take over Rural-Metro contract

    It's North SD county.
  14. dC0m

    Identifying yourself as an EMT in Spanish

    If you're from San Diego and have the county protocols handbook (forgot who publishes it, but you can buy it from San Diego Miramar College bookstore), there's a page in the back where it teaches you elementary Spanish for locating pain, introducing yourself, etc. I believe it even includes the...
  15. dC0m

    Falck - or the 900-pound gorilla no one is aware of

    It's a generalized statement but it is true. The whole Bay Area has a ridiculous high living cost compared to most cities in the LA/Bakersfield/SD region. Even less popular areas like Richmond and Oakland, (which some people consider to be the "cheaper" spots in the Bay Area), has higher living...
  16. dC0m

    Falck - or the 900-pound gorilla no one is aware of

    Whoa whoa whoa, slow down there, cowboy. First off, it's Falck who owns Verihealth (they also own Care in OC). The reason for the difference in pay is because of the region. Living costs in NorCal is ridiculously high, especially in the Bay Area. That is why Verihealth/Falck in the Bay Area are...
  17. dC0m

    OPA by EMR?

    Just out of curiosity, what part of Oregon are you from? And is King, Combi part of your state protocols or just where you're from?
  18. dC0m

    Generic SAM splints

    I have only used the SAM splint during my EMT class. For my own first aid kit, I carry a generic version. It's just as good as the SAM splint, just without the branding and fancy print. Like MMiz said, it's a lot cheaper for something that is practically the same. I think the worse that...
  19. dC0m

    Firehouse burglarized while firefighters were out battling Calif. wildfire

    Seriously, I was surprised when I saw it was Walnut Creek on the news..
  20. dC0m

    Average Pay Rate + Additional Work?

    OP, I think I know what you're talking about. Where I'm originally from (NorCal), there's taxi services that provided similar service for outpatient or patients going to their medical appointments where the taxi service would bill the insurance company. My grandmother has been utilizing this...