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  1. Tiberius

    NBC's 'Trauma' given a DNR

    Interesting...given those circumstances, I can see the sense in doing that. I've worked in NYC for a few years and never came across a situation like that before, hence my "unrealistic" comment...perhaps I should amend my comment to "unrealistic for that particular system"...(I've seen...
  2. Tiberius

    "What every EMT should be required to experience before they graduate".

    true...Not enough time is spent on proper lifting/moving techniques. I don't mind showing ride students how to work the cot or transfer pts on/off the cot, since that's what we do constantly. Also, as others mentioned, more A/P and a lot more practice with vital signs. Lately I've had a...
  3. Tiberius

    NBC's 'Trauma' given a DNR more renegade flight medics rendering patient care by slamming Versed to the overly obnoxious fully immobilized patient then walking away? No more of that renegade flight medic having Mom ride on the chopper and getting her to perform an open cricothyroidotomy on her kid? No more...
  4. Tiberius

    Just another regular dialysis it was supposed to be.

    :huh: Okay.....I think I know which direction this thread is going.... or This thread makes as much sense as this does... My head hurts now.
  5. Tiberius

    Hello everyone - New here

    Welcome! I was out of the profession for a while as well (duties from a different job in Human Services) before returning, and I learned that EMS is similar to the Mafia: 'Every time I think I get out, they pull me back in!'...or something to that effect.
  6. Tiberius

    Just another regular dialysis it was supposed to be.

    Holy crap....I must have received the wrong training. I mean, after only a month on the truck and this cat knows everything. I've been out here for about 10 years and feel as though I know The last sentence in your post contradicts itself and proves everyone's point. HOW do...
  7. Tiberius

    Low call volume 911 vs Transport work

    I started doing IFT before doing 911...I became proficient due to starting out IFT. I now work for a service that does both. When I work with a medic, I do plenty of 'gofer' stuff, but I also learned/am learning why things are done as they are.
  8. Tiberius

    Why are you a emt?

    I got into this profession after hearing 'war stories' from friends in EMS because I wanted to make a difference. Pay could be better but this job does provide rewards that money can buy.
  9. Tiberius

    FTO Time

    Keep your eyes and ears open, absorb as much as you can, and remember that the only stupid question is the one that is not asked.
  10. Tiberius

    Don't be alarmed if you see this on one of your calls

    This innovation may be useful to ambulance crews in high call volume areas...
  11. Tiberius

    Living the dream!!!

    Been there; done that...once my shirt got "slimed" just before we backed into the E/R bay...the nursing staff was nice enough to give me some scrubs so I would not have to return to the station contaminated.
  12. Tiberius

    Called for 40ish/M Unresponsive...

    Exactly! I've seen some shoddy pt. care, but that is interesting. As bad as it was to run with someone that holds a paramedic certification, as opposed to a running with a PARAMEDIC-if you get my drift, this can be a good learning experience. You'll learn from the card-holders what NOT to do...
  13. Tiberius

    Medic Students!!!

    Gettin' ready to start pharmacology. Good luck to all those getting ready to start class as well as to those testing out.
  14. Tiberius

    Called for 40ish/M Unresponsive...

    This is why they say "Treat the pt. NOT the machine!" Blood sugar should have been checked again. Pt. should have been bagged. I, too, would have left the employ of that service.
  15. Tiberius

    medic school

    Linuss is correct; stay on top of your studies and find the method of study that works best for you. For example, I am finding out that writing out key definitions as I'm reading the chapter helps reinforce what I have learned. Good luck and do well!
  16. Tiberius

    1st emt job!

    Congrats and best of luck! Like some have said here, ask questions! Ask, watch and listen; absorb as much as you can. Don't stress about not knowing everything because you WILL get it.
  17. Tiberius

    yes, it's true 7 kids!!!

    7 kids!?!?...and I thought my 3 little ones give me a run for my hat's off to ya!
  18. Tiberius

    Getting cold feet

    I just started medic class myself....happy to be in class and a bit nervous at the same time. I'm dreading the NREMT-P written, though it's a long way off...I plan on taking it one chapter at a time, keep my eyes and ears open, and ask ANY questions that come up. Best of luck!
  19. Tiberius

    Paramedic text

    We're using the 5-volume Brady textbooks. So far they don't seem too bad; I'll form a better opinion once we get into pathophysiology, cardiology, etc. My instructor does say that the 5-volume version "breaks everything down in an easier-to-understand way than the previous version".
  20. Tiberius

    Certs in multiple states

    Thank you for the correction B) is preferable to direct my gripes at the correct agencies...