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    Do you think I'm employable for EMS work?

    don't listen to the negative replies. i was a total screw up when I was younger. Now I am a firefighter/medic for a city dept. people change, follow your dreams
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    NY Presbyterian Ems

    Hey guys/girls I'm a medic in mass for a city fd. Considering relocating to nyc. I'm going to be 34 so I figured fd NY ems is out. Plus the pay scale is depressing. Tell me about this hospital based system? Pay scale, scope of practice, benefits etc
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    Anyone ever worked for two ambulance companies?

    I work at two different places. I do 911 and ift at both. Both places have their pro's and con's. Both companies are aware and since they are not competitors, everyone is happy. Get that money!!
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    tattoos in EMS

    i have full sleeves, my chest, stomach and knuckles tattooed. i have never had a problem and i work in multiple towns as a paramedic. you'd be surprised how many older people have them. for those who say they are judging your peers and coworkers because they have tattoos, shame on you...
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    July 4th

    working a 24, 1st call of the night. 46 y/o male, etoh, fell into a fire 20%bsa 3rd and 2nd degree burns on his right arm and hand. im just jealous im not out having fun with my friends and family hahah
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    Has anyone ever passed the NREMT-P exam with 150 questions?

    i passed my nremt-p the first time. it stopped at 150. also had another person from my class get to 150 and pass
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    mass medic written exam

    i already work for stat/coastline.
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    mass medic written exam

    hey guys, I'm taking my mass medic written exam on 4/14. im already a nremt-p and a ri paramedic. any info, advice, study guide advice, etc..... would be appreciated. thanks
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    MA Medics..

    i work in RI. it's an nremt state so all you need is a background check and to pay the application fee. i make 20 an hour
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    things you will never live down

    my very first day, my first run as an emt-b. i had never used a monitor before and i put the bp cuff on backwards. it inflated right off the guys arm. my partner just burst out laughing. he is now my rescue capt at the fd and still breaks my balls over it. we are also super good friends. still funny
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    Top 20 frivolous Calls

    hahaha went to a nursing home for a sob. nurse states " i cant get her stats past 88% " pt is on nrb 2lpm. i pulled it off the pt. she says " ahh i feel better now thank you " the nurse is my general managers sister in law so i bit my tongue gotta love it
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    New massachusett certified paramedic going for NREMT cert.

    Educational Resource Group (, in East Providence RI, is doing an Nremt-P practical exam on May 27th
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    Medicating so you can work EMS?

    i love coffee and when im out of work i like to grab drinks but thats about it. i try to exercise and sleep as much as i can. some days im fine, some days im beat, nature of the job
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    Sing-along with your pt. (funny) :)

    on all my 911 psych calls i always let patients pick the radio station they want. it tends to chill them out and make my job a lot easier
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    Songs to run lights and sirens by

    black flag " my war "
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    Side Career

    full time paramedic at a private company per diem on a municipal rescue part time skills instructor
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    EMT-B to EMT-P??

    i went from an emt - b to a paramedic. if you study hard and bust your *** youll be fine.
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    It's That Time of Year

    worked on thanksgiving. had a traumatic arrest. son bashed father of head with baseball bat. i did get to use the ez io for the first time. pretty awesome
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    Tattoos with Bowers/Pacific?

    I have sleeves and knuckle tattoos. Wear the long sleeves. it's annoying but thats the price you pay. definitely blows in the summer
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    pt choked on false teeth

    i honestly didn't think she had any teeth. i went to suction, thinking she was gargling some fluid and noticed something strange blocking her airway. i shouldve put her in a ked board and sat her up but she had no other complaints and her lungs were diminished but clear in the house good...