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    NJ EMS Unions

    Hello, I'm currently interested in what Unions represent EMS employees. If you work in NJ and are a member of a Union, I'd like to know - Place of Employment - Your Union - Is your workforce ALS, BLS, Fire, or a combination. - When did your place of employment join the Union. - Overall did...
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    NJ Paramedic Program during Undergrad?

    I wouldn't recommend doing this... The Paramedic Course in NJ is two years long no matter what Sponsorship you go through as far as I know. Your only choices are Capital Health, Virtua, Monoc, and Underwood which is currently not accepting applications. The workload for these classes and...
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    High school senior (NJ)

    Your answers Many squads in your area more than likely will allow you to join as a volunteer, and then pay for your EMT class, and allow you to continue to run there as a volunteer EMT. Reply with any more questions you my have or if I confused you. Good luck in whatever you may choose!
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    What happens if you perform CPR on a non arrest

    A heart that is defib'd and then begins perfusing the body does not put out the same CO as a heart that never arrested would obviously. By performing CPR for the 2 minutes after your defib you help raise CO rather than letting the heart work on its on.
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    What happens if you perform CPR on a non arrest

    Just to add to this, you can find studies showing that CPR after a heart is defib'd correctly that produces a perfusing rhythm, is found to be beneficial to the newly restarting heart. Rather that wait the 10 seconds to check for a pulse to find none and having to worry about "re-priming the...
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    Making a Map Book/Road Atlas

    This sounds great , but when you have a Crew who is from out of town, without GPS and are relying on your map book, what Happens when they clear the hospital are on the way back to the station on XYZ street and get a call on Maple Street, does the Crew have to sit there and think of the town as...
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    1st post, no training, very curious.

    When you say you are starting off school in April I assume you mean college? Are you already enrolled in the EMT course? April is a little ways a way I would suggest looking into a volunteer EMS company around you and applying to join there. Most places have explorer/junior/probationary...
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    Ics 300?

    ICS 700, and 800 are common certifications for people. ICS 100 is the NIMS cert for lower ranking members of place. The firefighters and EMT's. ICS 200 you can't think of as a step up from ICS 100, this is a good class for you to take. ICS 300 is usually required at departments for...
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    Portable Radios

    Does anyone know of a state regulation that mandates that both EMT's on a 911 Ambulance service must carry a portable radio each? The service I work for has many portable radios, but only allows one person on the truck to use a radio at a time. Me being the rebel I am took a radio as well so...
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    Volunteer or Paid ?

    Everyone has their own opinions and I respect that. But my advice is do what you can get no matter what. Work in a 911 service or even transport. Volunteer wherever you can as much as you can. Especially if your going to go to Medic School. I think the more experience the easier the course...
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    Chest Trauma

    To the Post above mine + 1. Most words in medicine can be broken down and that's exactly what you have to do. Hemo - Blood as in Hemmorhage Hypo - Low Hyper - High Angio - Pertaining to blood vessel Necro - Death Intra - Within Mono - One Bi - Twice Di - Two Neo - New The...
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    How much did becoming an EMT/medic cost you?

    Already answered for how much my basic has cost me. Going to school now to be a Medic. So Far for my first semester ( 1 of 6 ): Tuition : $3,800 Books : $800 Physicals/Background Check : $400. Uniforms : $240
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    EMT drop out?

    I was in a class of about 35. Out of 35 3 failed the state test. The location I went to overall has a 97% pass rate.
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    Most glutose administered to a patient

    I've given three tubes over the course of 20 minutes without vomiting. Pt was AAOx3, First BGL was in the low 20s, gave one tube, waited 5 minutes and then we were in the upper 40s. Gave one more tube, dropped back down into the 20's. Gave a third tube. Arrived at the hospital. Medics...
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    Learning Your Territory

    *Another Idea* I used to do this and still do to an extent. Scan the radio. When Police/Fire are dispatched in your town, try to visualize in your head exactly where they're going. Then check on a map if your not sure. Then think of the easiest transport route from there.. You can also...
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    Learning Your Territory

    Drive around. Learn major routes to your common hospitals. For example I usually go to Hospital A (19/20 times unless we're going to a Level 1 Trauma Center/ hospital with chrisis/ hospital with a cath lab ). The easiest way to get to Hospital A is to take Road A ( Straight Shot ). The...
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    I need Help ??

    ABC's You put your seatbelt on before responding. Pt assessment. And you call water rescue instead of jumping in a pool. MOI/NOI Scene Safety BSI Study your practical skills, because they can be just as easily a written question.
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    Nitroglycerin minimum blood pressure for NREMT-B test

    I was always taught Systolic > 100. My local protocols are the same. And I believe >100 is NR.
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    EMT-B class-what to wear?

    Depends on your classroom setting. The EMT course I went to was at a Military Like Academy. Black boots, Provided T Shirts, Black/Blue BDU's, Black Belt. Shirt tucked in. Clean Shaved. Women and Men with long hair had to have their hair up.
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    Beginning EMT class soon

    First off welcome to the forums! The course is not to hard/intense. It does require you to actually read your book. Can't get by skimming it like you did in high school :P. Just give it your all and I'm sure you'll be fine. If you already have a course syllabus start reading the chapter's...