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    irish paramedic uses google translate to deliver baby

    thank god it wasn't a kerry man!
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    Aussie Paramedic Show

    it's a good show, i watched it a year or two back. Also see the older documentry from the nsw ambo service called "help" its older but still a good watch
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    REVIEW : Pelham Training - Acclerated Paramedic

    I have heard good reviews of this company, two friends from Ireland took their emt-b accelerated class a few years back and loved it.
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    Over here anyone with first aid training is usually called a medic. We call our emts EMT and our paramedics PARAMEDIC.
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    For sale: 1 Stargate

    if you shipped to Ireland i'd be all over that!!
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    EMS in Ireland

    Yeah no problem, this is unique to Dublin, the capital. We have a national ambulance service that is run by the Health Service Executive (public body responsible for all areas of healthcare) so if your the furthest south or at the most northern tip of the republic you will have the same service...
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    Protocols - From here to there.

    It's hard to explain to someone outside of Ireland but here it goes: Our advance paramedic is called a paramedic elsewhere in the world(no idea why we felt the need to make a new name for it) and our paramedic lies somewhere in between. You could class our paramedic's as ILS and our advance...
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    Protocols - From here to there.

    Here in Ireland we have national guidelines for each level of practitioner. Here are the Clinical Practice Guidelines for EMT: Paramedic...
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    EMS in Ireland

    here is the education and training standards for the advance paramedic program: emt, paramedic and advance paramedic training times broken down...
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    EMS in Ireland

    In short, quite hard! as said above the frontline (911) services are run by two public services, they only recruited recently and may not recruit again for another year or 4. Work with the privates is very hit and miss, depends more so who you know then what you know. An American paramedic...
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    How "Basic" is BLS in your area

    By the book its 140 hours of education, id say its split close enough to 50/50 in regards to theory and practical. then we sit a 100 question MCQ and we sit 8 osce's(objective structured clinical exam) It's really noticeable over here who went to a certificate printing school and who went...
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    what are illicit substances you’d expect to see at a rock concert

    I usually start off with a good apology to the recieving doc(im sorry but your going to have to deal with this guy), hand over any extra or unused substances that may have appeared from the pockets en route to the ED.
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    what are illicit substances you’d expect to see at a rock concert

    you guys call it special k too? thought that was just an irish thing! has anyone come across blue ghost before? a couple months back i had a teen go into cardiac arrest after swallowing a fist full. from what we where told its a pretty potent version of extacy cut with something random. meth...
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    How "Basic" is BLS in your area

    Texas really seems the place to be in ems in america huh? Anything ive read from Texas re: scope of practice looks impressive and progressive. the basic scope in some places is insultingly low. here is the clinical practice guidelines for irish emt's ...
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    what are illicit substances you’d expect to see at a rock concert

    Agreed. Ive been working at concerts for 8 years on and off and rock concerts typically produce alot of drink and weed, with the odd bit of cocaine abusew every once in a while. We cover alot of dance music events (rave, techno type of stuff) over here and get alot of overdoses with mdma...
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    Obtaining BGL

    well we wouldnt treat and discharge. they'd get it while waiting for als or on the way to the ed thankfully. i dont think id like to rely soley on the process of glycogeniosis if i were a diabetic. we'd usually check bgl in all unresonpsive patients, all patients who werent gcs15 and post...
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    Obtaining BGL

    in ireland emt's can do bgl but we can use oral glucose and glucogon i.m to do something about a low bgl reading
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    Heres one for you guys!

    get rid of the oral glucose and look in a disapproving fashion at the rn, 1g/1ml glucogon i.m(its all i could give for this), re asses bgl after 3-5 mins and transport. consider a basic airway if still not a&ox4. re check bgl on transport to hospital. i'd begin to think the low bgl isnt the...
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    Irish EMT moving to Sydney

    how it goin?? from ireland myself and an emt so i know only to well your situation(been licenced since 2009) the ozzies have a much higher standard of education and training it seems so our nq-emt wont be recognised over there. if i were you id go over work your *** off for the 1 year visa, do...
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    US to UK paramedic (pre hospital emergency care council) our national ems regulator. btw there are no jobs in ireland atm, especially ems:sad: