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    Ideal paramedic internship locations

    DrParasite, thanks for the advice. I'll definitely take the first steps. Point taken on interning where I'd want to work. To you and the rest of the forum - do you think there's any value to doing an internship in an unfamiliar system where you may not be employed afterwards?
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    Ideal paramedic internship locations

    Hello everyone. I'm currently in medic school and am looking ahead to my internship phase, which will begin next June. My question to you: Anyone have any recommendations for a service that might take me as an out-of-state student intern? I think I'm going to work in Oregon (where I'm from) in...
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    Paramedic in Oregon

    AMR does 911 transport for Portland. I've known a few people that have worked for Bay Cities on the coast and have had positive things to say about the experience. They often run to either Portland or Eugene, so long transport times are fairly frequent. If you want a 911 service without working...
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    Ambulance refuses to transport Cleveland man shot 16 times

    The central problem in this story is not one that I encounter in my area, so I'm curious - have any of you ever dealt with a situation like this before? Where an ambulance can't respond to a patient because of service area boundaries?
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    Ambulance refuses to transport Cleveland man shot 16 times
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    Banana chips/apple chips and string cheese.
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    Capnography for EMT-B, a useful tool?

    On our BLS truck we use ETCO2 as a diagnostic tool in our sepsis protocol. While monitoring ETCO2 won't necessarily change the care I provide this patient as an EMT-B, it does factor into my decision to request ALS or not. If I'm already transporting, an ETCO2 of <25 mmHg, plus other signs of...
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    Basic Life Support - Question of the Day - Medic 27 (#3)

    Basic here. I'd like to know more about his chief complaint. What's the rate, rhythm and quality of his breathing? Can he speak in full sentences? Does he purse his lips when exhaling? Onset of symptoms? What's his temperature? Does he take any meds? With any difficulty breathing id also like...
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    Got Licensed Almost a Year Ago...Still Unemployed

    I'd like to second that. I had a hard time getting a job as a new EMT as well; 911 jobs were very competitive and ER tech jobs wanted experience. Volunteering for the local fire department got my foot in the door with experience, and helped me make valuable inroads to the EMS community. Other...
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    Fat Chance... EMT Refresher course Oregon?

    If you just need the CE hours to re-up the state licence you can get it done through: It's relatively inexpensive, and you do it one hour at a time so it's easy to fit into a tight schedule.
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    Is EMS designed to attract dramatic people?

    Thanks, @VentMonkey. I always like reading threads from experienced folks on here, so thanks for that too.
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    Is EMS designed to attract dramatic people?

    As a newbie I can't say I've got much wisdom to offer, but I'd like to share an early EMT experience that ultimately made me much wiser. Sorry if this post is too long. I am a brand new EMT, just certified last August. I found A&P fascinating, was interested in healthcare, and wanted to work...
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    Paramedic Shortages

    There does not seem to be a shortage of paramedics where I live in Oregon, though I can't speak to the number of "qualified and ready" paramedics. Right now I'm working on my pre-reqs for medic school and I've been keeping my eye on who's hiring and how often so that I can be prepared for the...
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    That guy...

    I'm glad to see some older folks as well. I'm 31 and was a career high school teacher when I took my EMT class. It was always a bucket list thing for me too. In the scheme of things I know 30-something isn't that old, but I sure felt old doing ride-alongs with 22 year old medics. Now I'm in...
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    EMT-B Clinical Rotation

    Bring ice cream for the crew. Really. I'd suggest brushing up on your meds and equipment knowledge; in my experience I was quizzed a lot and it went a long way to making a good impression to have answers at the ready. Also, to reiterate what NysEms2117 posted, really engage with the calls that...
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    I heard a story about this on the radio earlier this week. According to this article it is sometimes mixed with Heroin, and is dangerous for first responders to even touch.
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    Wheelchair van or hospital work?

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    Pro tip: Don't label the post as your homework question number. Cyanide poisoning inhibits the body's ability to use oxygen. That's the simple answer. I'd suggest looking into the physiology behind cellular respiration if you really want to know and understand how it works.
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    Taking the National Written

    My advice is to understand how the test works. It's a computer adaptive test which means that the test generates new questions based on how you answered the previous ones. It asks progressively harder questions until it finds one that you miss, and by doing so calculates a score range for you...
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    Wheelchair van or hospital work?

    My work load on the van varies. Sometimes I make runs non-stop all day, and about one or twice a week I get a long distance appointment that leaves me posted up for a couple of hours. Salaries are about the same. I'm definitely going to find out more about possible educational opportunities though.