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    Paramedic to RN programs in CA

    Hey everybody. I was wondering if anyone knows of any paramedic to rn bridge programes in Cali, preferably online. Ive searched the other threads and havnt found anything. Thnx!
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    AMR - Alameda $

    Hey, I'm from the east side of san jo, so being blond is rare. =p K, look for the 5'3 Natural dusty blond whose... Extra curvy as I like to say.
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    AMR - Alameda $

    Thanks! I'm excited about starting for ALCO. And I look forward meeting you. (Look for the short blond; that'll be me!)
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    AMR - Alameda $

    Hey everybody Does anyone here work for AMR Alameda? Im starting in the next acadamy, but nowhere has it said what my base pay is going to be. Just curious. Hope somebody can help me out. Thanks!
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    Woman Arrested for Swearing at 911

    Holy cow! I hate it when people cuss, and always tell them that it's not acceptable in my ambulance, but still! We have to understand that the people who call us typically have a very good reason too, so I think they're allowed to freak out a little bit. I feel sorry for that family (though I...
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    I'm doin great, how are you?

    I'm doin great, how are you?
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    For the Women Paramedics...unless guys wear sports bra's

    Kinda sorta related... Just took my recert for ACLS and while doing CPR noticed just how much boobs get in the way... Being as I was always the small busted one in my family I thought this was a funny revelation. Texted my mom about this new found fact and she just about died. Guess the...
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    FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

    Ok, I seriously didnt know if that was for real or not until the DR cussed! Yes I admit it. I am blond. :lol:
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    Please tell me what I missed with this patient

    Exactly what I was going to say. As per my county protocol all pts get a full assessment, including a quickie ECG just to make sure you've covered all your bases before you can turn it over to your EMT partner. As many have all ready said, I would have done one just to rule out cardiac because...
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    What kind of shift do you like to work?...

    I personally love a busy shift. I get bored to easily. For example: worked 24's on my internship. Averaged 12-15 calls a shift, most of them during the first 12 with a given call at about 2:00 or 3:00am. I loved it. Even with the call volume I still managed to get at least 5hrs of sleep at...
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    I dont know if they were just using the classes as hour fillers, but each class was the formal 2 day course, with new instructors to teach the class (as in it wasnt our everday instructors teaching the class).
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    AMR Monterey_New Hire

    Awsome. Thank you!
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    AMR Monterey_New Hire

    Howdy folks. Does anybody know if AMR - Monteray is still hiring?
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    Went to NCTI in Milpitas. Good school. Most of the instrucors are really good, especially the ones for lab days. Not the deepest school (could spend more time teaching cardio, etc) but gives you a pretty good start for your career. Biggest benifit is that they give you all of your additional...
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    Just had to drop by and say that I love your avatar. Freaked me out for a sec cause I really...

    Just had to drop by and say that I love your avatar. Freaked me out for a sec cause I really thought there was a bug on my screen! =p
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    Nitro before IV

    ^_^ Thanks Melbourne. That's my line of thinking. That and I wonder what medics did for how many years before 12-lead? Hmm... maybe some Nitro. Didn’t really want to say anything though because I didn’t want to start anything. After all, I'm just a lowly medic, not a cardiologist. :P
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    How long in the field before medic school?

    Been There, Done That So I see benifits to both sides of the argument. I'm a medic who went actually straight from high school to EMT to Medic school. Didnt work as an EMT before I went to Medic school. I wanted to, but no one could hire me because I was too young for insurance. Now that...
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    Nitro before IV

    Well Reaper, you wouldn’t like me too much I'm afraid 'cause I'm one of those who will give the nitro if there BP is high enough. Have yet to have one bottom out on me. But I'm still a newbie.^_^ This is how I usually run it. Thorough assessment (r/o anxiety cp'er). Check BP and other vitals...
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    Funny Ambulance video

    I love these. This one's even better...
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    "Call a priest, I'm Catholic"

    Had a like 3 calls in just a couple of days of each other all which took place in churches. The one that impressed me the most was an elderly woman who spoke no English (Vietnamese), and we had no translator. We had her loaded up and as we were ready to go the man who had been helping us put on...