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  1. YoungMedic

    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    Firefighter/Medic running on a engine. Only medic on my shift for the past 5 years. Theres Only one ambulance company in town. AMR who does our transports.
  2. YoungMedic

    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    Great info and thank you for the insight. The degree is more for me, being a person that wants to strive for the best in paramedicine. My FD wont even recognize the degree anyways.. the bonus with it also is the classes required for it are also the pre-req's for nursing school. So its a win...
  3. YoungMedic

    How many hours / shifts do you work a week?

    FD 48hrs straight ER 12hr x2 EKG tech 12x1 84Hrs a week for 2 weeks. 72Hrs 1 week Repeat.
  4. YoungMedic

    ED Tech jobs

    not texas but AZ here, Part time gig getting paid 14/ HR Duties: IV/ LABS Casting. Wound care help w/ sutures pt transport help in triage EKg's vitals setting pts up when EMS arrives. and all the other CNA duties. taking pts to CT for CVA emergencies setting up chest tubes, Central lines, any...
  5. YoungMedic

    First aid management of burns

    pretty much what mine is, we use Parkland Formula also. RSI for face burns. Hands, groin, face, are severe. I would fly them to Vegas in my area.
  6. YoungMedic

    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    So i decided last year about furthering my carrer in some direction. I have been working as a Firefighter for 11 years, been paramedic for the last 5 and EMT before that. I got into the fire service intially because of the EMS aspect that is asociated with it. I love EMS, love medical and...
  7. YoungMedic

    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    good info so far
  8. YoungMedic

    first call of the day is...

    elder lady, mechanical fall
  9. YoungMedic

    Patient Care Report-Need help

    for OP use the SOAP method to start with.. Subjective info Objective info Assessment/Actions Plans
  10. YoungMedic

    a side job...

    Very possible. I work at FD fulltime, PRN respiratory at one hospital, ER tech at another hospital.
  11. YoungMedic

    Patient Care Report-Need help

    omg im dying with laughter at some of these stories hahaahahahah
  12. YoungMedic

    first call of the day is...

    Train VS. Kid, DOA. Waited on-scene for Sheriff and BNSF.
  13. YoungMedic

    EMS World exp Las Vegas 9/15-19

    I can go, only live 2 hours from vegas.
  14. YoungMedic

    first call of the day is...

    Yes, just the week before i went to the house for same problem. Wife was trying to shove food down his throat with a BG in 30's. Its a low income 1 bedroom place, pt doesnt have access to meter or meds. Considering how bad he was last time i was there, gut feeling wanted to check on him. We...
  15. YoungMedic

    first call of the day is...

    Diabetic problem, RP told dispatch that we could cancel and he was feeling better (enroute). I ended up convincing crew to go anyways. (Have ran on this pt before) Checked him out, he was fine. Last time i gave him D50.
  16. YoungMedic

    Confusion on when to give Neb treatments and what to use..

    Comes down to getting great pt history and doing detailed assessments. Lung sounds are a must My system is huge on capnography as well as CPAP!! Being able to do a Neb treamtment while having CPAP on has shown the best results for me.
  17. YoungMedic

    Nitro Expiration After Opening Bottle?

    Protocol here is if we use Spray, its a single pt use only. If tablets are broke open and used, we date it for 30 days from opened. After 30 days its expired.
  18. YoungMedic

    What cardiac arrest looks like

    Great article, thanks for sharing
  19. YoungMedic

    New AHA protocol?

    Currently using CCR as well as AHA guildlines. The Cardiocerebral Resuscitation Demonstration Project was initiated in January, 2005, after approval by the Bureau of EMS & Trauma System and the EMS Council of Arizona. This protocol is specifically for trained EMS providers after training...