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    Anybody here need a study buddy?

    That is a nice idea, but hard to do when you aren't close enough to get together to do it.
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    Controlled Substances

    FT job: 400mcg Fentanyl, 40mg Morphine (which we are dropping soon), 10mg Versed, 500mg/10mL Ketamine. No Valium in the boxes, but we do have Valium Auto Injectors at 1 station. PT Job: 300mcg Fentanyl, 30mg Morphine, 15mg Versed (which isn't 'locked' up), it is an A-EMT drug; and 10mg...
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    Visiting from Australia

    Come west to Utah Nevada, and I can get you on at my PT job
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    patient's Apple Watch -- useful on a call !

    Not a watch but phone, it was interesting to watch the patient's Blood Glucose increase with D-10; funny thing his wife was 10 minutes behind his phone. She kept calling to tell me I was letting him die, when his phone and my glucometer both said it was going up.
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    Interesting study on taking Blood pressures

    In EMT Basic class we were interested, so 3 or 4 of us that had pretty steady BP's everyday, had our pressure checked with different sized cuffs 10 classes in a row. Most varied for 2 or 4 points. Mine pretty much was the same all the time, 90/50 range
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    We get that a lot at my part time job; They are drunk and unresponsive, until after 1-2 L of fluid and time they are sobering up and don't want to go to the hospital anymore. We tell them we have to take them all the way, but they don't have to stay until they are checked in. We don't get paid...
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    Which is better taking EMT training at a actual ambulance facility or taking a EMT course in college?

    My old fire department in Indianapolis paid my way through basic class, and I had to give them 2 years, at 96 hours a month. Anyway I wanted to work it: 2 -- 6 hour shifts during the day and 1 -- 12 hour shift at night: 0700-1300, 1300-1900, or 1900-0700. Back when they were all volunteer...
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    Death of a frequent caller

    My part time job gets a pie at the grocery store (different type every time) for every cardiac arrest that doesn't survive: "We Tried Pie". 1st time I heard about it, I was like WTH? But it actually helps. Sit around and eat pie and talk about the run
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    Louisville Ambulance vs Semi Accident

    Did the paramedic survive his injuries?
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    Can We Talk About Methadone?

    Remember don't treat the monitor, What Israel said; if he looks good and is mentating the same as he was 92% is great. Better than my normal
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    Tempus Pro — any experience?

    Our monitors don't load to the EPCR, and we can't transmit to the hospitals (used to but the hospitals stopped it). So we print 12 leads, stop the ambulance, take a picture of it with our phone. Then text it to the hospital
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    Paramedics For ukraine

    It depends what your background is: we have a Colonel/doctor who joined the Army at 55; and went straight to Colonel. As long as you can pass OTC. Doubt medics would get in though
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    So Sacramento DMV has to review my driving history...

    Sounds like CA DMV is related to NV EMS office. 2 renewals ago for medic I sent it in in Mid March; and got my recert in April: the next year. I kept getting emails that they were working on it, and I could keep working. This year they emailed out to get your application in for recert by...
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    Narc storage. How are you doing it?

    Try AR 40-3, section 11- pg. 39 - 46......... Make sure you are looking at the newer one, not the one written in 2008. Nothing specifically for EMS. Fun thing here is we don't have a hospital, we have a clinic: our pharmacist is a RN who is trying to retire (he is 73) but he is the only RN...
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    How do EMTs deal with suicidal adolescents?

    There is a town in Alaska doing the same thing: they can graduate as FF I & II, and EMT-B at 16 years old. They run everything in town. I don't know if it is the same state wide, or just there.
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    Power Stretchers - Who's not using em?

    Car Seven Four; A friend of mine is getting 2 disks in his spine replaced next week, instead of fusing them. The Army is supporting the surgery and he can stay in the reserves, if he was fused he wouldn't be able to.
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    Tempus Pro — any experience?

    I work with Lifepak 15 at full time job, and old job. I like them, they are laid out nice, and printer is great. The 2 batteries plus the warning that the 2nd battery is getting low is a great feature. I work with Zolls at part time job. Printer is in the side storage compartment of the bag...
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    New Army Ambulance

    wow, hard to believe they are US Army Ambulances; I work for the US Army on a base and ours say "Ambulance" on them. No where except the license plates does it show they are even Federal Government. Same with most bases I am in contact with