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    AEMT or Paramedic?

    Well, the generic “you.” I always look for good people. :)
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    AEMT or Paramedic?

    Does your area use AEMTs? Will it help you to gain experience and confidence? Will an agency take you on and then subsidize your education? I know that I am always looking for good EMTs that want to grow with our agency. If you work for us, I’ll invest in your education!
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    So I think I have Covid....

    Same. As a HazMat tech, I get fit-tested on multiple facepieces every year. Several types of N95, a half mask P100, a full face respirator and an MSA SCBA facepiece. One does not equal all.
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    Accelerated AEMT Course (clinicals)

    Not to be vague, but every clinical experience is different. Depends on the volume of the service, experience of the preceptors, your comfort level, patient acuity… I mean, you could have a great time and get LOTS of experience or you could spend 96 hours running low rent BLS with no...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Maybe if I give the crew free pizza?
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Back the middle of June I became the chief at a smaller EMS agency and it’s the biggest challenge I’ve ever taken on. Next time you wonder why things are happening at your agency the way they are, recognize that the admin team is working their butt off to just keep trucks on the road.
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    Controlled Substances

    Pennsylvania, ground ALS. 500mg ketamine, 20mg versed, 4mg ativan, 200mcg fentanyl and 20mg morphine. pain management protocols here are woefully archaic.
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    Visiting from Australia

    I will send you a message with my contact information. We would be honored to show you our EMS system.
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    Visiting from Australia

    If you want to drive south a bit and visit Pennsylvania, we’d be happy to have you.
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    patient's Apple Watch -- useful on a call !

    We’re dispatched on Apple Watch “crash detection” calls that are unfounded almost every day.
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    Paramedic vs RN

    I came here to say this. A Pennsylvania PHRN has the same scope as a Paramedic. Also, NREMT also offers a “professional pathway” for RNs to attain paramedic certification through competency verification and the exam process. Until you talk to this RN, you have no idea how they got credentialed.
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    My Experience Getting Certified in Massachusetts

    Doesn’t look like CT got rid of AEMTs.
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    Anyone ever taken a job at Amazon as an Onsite medical rep

    I interviewed for a position as on-site medical at an Amazon facility in Georgia. The service was contracted through Medcor. It was mostly Occ Health type work. Emergency care was strictly BLS. Lots of OSHA paperwork. I decided against the job as it sounded mind numbing. YMMV. Good luck.
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    Bloused boots in ems?

    We don’t allow blousing pants in boots in my uniform guidelines. Also, it looks kinda goofy.
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    Another check on the plus side of the ledger for body worn cameras.
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    Movie Marathon Thread

    Asssssssss….youuuuuuuuu…Wiiiisssshhhhhhh! Wesley!
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    Well that really sucks, I failed at 120 on the home/online NREMT

    Here’s the keys to success. Watch Dan Limmers 2 hour video on how to dissect and answer NREMT style items. If you don’t know how to take the test, you’ll fail. Based on your comments, you don’t know how to take the test. Not your fault, most instructors don’t have any idea how the items are...
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    FDNY EMS Summer ASAP Program

    This is valuable. I have heard nothing but positive from the people I’ve talked to. Maybe some additional due diligence is needed. :/
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    FDNY EMS Summer ASAP Program

    Currently working on a grant request for one to replace our Gator with a MedBed.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    I miss Seattle. I’m currently on vacation in Nova Scotia. Enjoying the rain.