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    Practical rules/ guidelines

    Only tangentially relevant, but shortly after reading this thread, I ended up with at least one question regarding flail chest on my written exam and recalled a lot of the discussion here. Thanks folks! :blush:
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    The "WHAT-IFs" are stressing me out!

    Ask a lot of questions. Don't just memorize the answers; work them into your own thought processes. If you're wondering why such-and-such intervention works in Situation A but not in Situation B, don't just ask what is the correct thing to do, but why that and why not something else. This is...
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    EMS Noobie looking to dive into EMT B training in Boston Area... where do I start?

    I didn't get the guy's name - just asked at the front desk and the receptionist went into the main office to get somebody. If I recall correctly, tall skinny older guy, grey facial hair, lived in Connecticut for a few years.
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    EMS Noobie looking to dive into EMT B training in Boston Area... where do I start?

    More reciprocity information! I'm taking my written exam for Connecticut tomorrow, and I spent last weekend in Boston and paid a visit to the Office of Emergency Medical Services. The fellow I spoke with there said that if you're certified in another state, they'll exempt you from the...
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    Just for fun

    The Benny Hill Theme Song. (Thanks for the edit, Chimpie!)
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    Just for fun
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    Ever get mistaken for a police officer

    One of my instructors for EMT-B class was formerly the president of our university. He also worked as either an EMT-I or Paramedic at the same time, and was still assisting in instructing the class back then. Apparently, the story goes that he was on the highway when somebody cut him off in...
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    About you.

    Hi all! Long-time lurker, forum newbie. 21 years old, single male. Just graduated from college with a completely useless degree, finished EMT-B class in December and just took the practical last weekend. Big fan of Flogging Molly. Working at a Starbucks until all the paperwork is finished...
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    New Year's resolution '09

    - Pass the NREMT-B - Get reciprocity in Massachusetts and move to Boston - Work full-time as an EMT - Exercise more - Learn Spanish
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hi! My name is Jim. I'm 21, and I'm an EMT-B student in Connecticut. Looking to move to Boston in the coming months after certing and getting reciprocity, but just joined the volunteer Fire/EMS company in my hometown until I do. Loved every moment of the class and the ride-alongs so far, and I...
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    EMT-B class

    Hello there! Long-time lurker, saw your post and decided to finally register. I'm in CT as well, and currently taking an EMT-B class through CCSU. In my experience, the difficulty of the class depends entirely on how much work you put in. The people who really put in the hours reading the...