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    Hello from NY

    Hi all, I have signed up for an EMT Refresher.. Have reviewed skills repeatedly in the course but am still a bit nervous. Here's the kicker: I am currently not employed as an EMT, but have volunteered a handful of times at a local hospital. Obviously my skills and knowledge need to be...
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    The EMTLife 500 Contest

    August 15th, 2013.
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    Waive Test?

    Mr. Jones, Thanks, perfect advice. Exactly what I needed. Now if I can only find my BP cuff.. (I kid, I kid) - Ivy
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    Waive Test?

    New York Hi Tim, It's a refresher course for New York. At the beginning of the course we are tested on skills, but that test can be waived by the participant. However, the participant will then be required to take all classroom sessions for the completion of the course, as opposed to just...
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    Waive Test?

    Hello EMS family, The time has come for me to take a refresher course, and my concern is that I do not remember a few basic things that I think I should. I know I can waive the skills test, and then attend ALL classes (as I would like), but I also think I should take the test. The problem is...