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    AMR Rancho Cucamonga

    I think those two locations are highly sought after because of location and call volumes. The company prolly get hundreds of applications. Important thing to keep in mind is apply to companies that are looking for employees and not just handing out resumes. Maybe try to get on with another...
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    Wonderlic SLE

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    How do you guys do it?

    Always important to protect your back. Ask for assistance or more resources when lifting patients. And if it doesnt get better, take time off work and see if that helps.
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    SC/NC Regulations-Job as an EMT with DUAC on Record?

    If you would just read the title, hes in the North carolina/south carolina area.
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    SC/NC Regulations-Job as an EMT with DUAC on Record?

    I believe most jobs will require some sort of driving and criminal record check. How long ago and severity of driving and/or criminal convictions will determine if a company will employ you or not. Best of luck to you.
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    How do you guys do it?

    ..... where do i begin. Most EMS practioners will have back problems sooner or later in there career. Too bad it happened so early in yours. Was it caused by a work related injury?
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    Don't laugh at me.

    Lazy eyes I believe. not really sure what a more "medical" term for it would be
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    Paperless PCR's - pros..cons?

    "paperless". Where I work, we use the EPCR system too, but after we are finished the PCR we have to print it ( usually 5 pages, longer for major calls) and leave it at the ER..... so its not really saving any paper or paperless.
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    What can I do to prepare?

    Trauma(car vs ped, shootingm stabbing, ect.) Medical(Chest pain, SOB, Seizures, Strokes, ect.) OB/GYN
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    What can I do to prepare?

    ewww mouth to mouth.:unsure:
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    Bag Valve Mask on the NREMT

    If his tidal volume is good why would you bag him if hes breathing at 24 BPM. You would only bag someone if their resp are over 30, but even then not everyone will accept the BVM.
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    EMS Pens

    Favorites: Zebra Sarasa Zebra G301 Pilot G2 Uniball Jetstream Uniball 207 Retractable Still looking for my utlimate pen.
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    what to do

    what happened to the drivers license?
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    SoCal 911 Employment

    I know some employers don't want people to come in or to call them. usually they would have the message : only thoes selected for an interview will be contacted."
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    HOBET Prep

    You can find all that information within seconds by just googling it, But if you're too lazy I have include some info below. The rest is up to you. Length 209 Min 170 Questions Reading 58 min Math 51 min Science 66 min english 34 min
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    MPI( medical Person in charge)

    "For the purposes of this forum, advertising is defined as promoting ANY product/website/forum/service/blog/etc... that is not directly part of Advertising in any way is restricted until you have 10 non-advertising related posts. This gives our participants a chance to get to know...
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    Volunteer Agency Rules/SOP

    Checking the unit/stock should be one of the first things that should be done at the start of the shift. As for the uniform, it will depend on the employer. You should still try to look professional even though they dont provide you with uniforms. I wear steel toe boots for safety reasons...
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    Options for "first in" backpacks

    5.11 Responder BLS 2000 Bag
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    Water park interview...

    or men. whatever floats your boat.:P