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    first unit in is the last unit out

    Has everyone heard this idea and does anyone know where it came from, I don't see this idea in NIMS
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    first unit in is the last unit out

    Say you are the first unit on scene with 3-4 patients mostly non-critical; should you be the last unit to leave the scene or can you just go ahead and load and transport the most critical patient as long as there is a fire officer on scene?
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    How long are your transports? ketamine is pretty popular now. I'm not a big fan of it but I also don't like to treat pain unless I see musculoskeletal deformity or dislocation
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    EMS with anxiety.. is this the wrong career?

    start studying for nursing school or get on a fire department that has real benefits and collective bargaining and civil service protection
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    EMT Wrist Watch - Taking Pulse with No Second Hand

    cardiac monitor, press button.
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    First EMT job in IFT

    Don't get your feet wet, it's a trap!!!! Go to fire or get your RN
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    Hypotensive CHF patient

    You might need to work a differential diagnosis of pneumonia with this patient. Regardless, sounds like you did a good job. NRB at 10 is fine
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    What is an intercept? Is there a chance your friend is holding you back? EMS has a very distinct culture of competition and your friend and department may be critical of your performance in accordance with a competitive and punitive culture. These cultures can hurt your confidence and confuse...
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    Nurse or Medic?

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    Medics that went on to RN...

    My next step is RN. Flight paramedic, Critical care and my bachelors in emergency health science was a waste of time. I wont do anything anymore unless it involves money. Higher education is a joke right now and very expensive, for me to pay for more school there better be a return on the...
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    How many hours a week?

    96 is probably a regular week for me, the minimum is 56 hrs
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    Is EMS culture affecting EMS progression

    My experience is between working in the Austin area and then on the Mexican border is that guys who put on such a ridiculous display acting like they are a PhD or something; definitely not better paramedics than a paramedic who learned English as a second language. When you don't have to worry...
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    Attempting to bridge the generational gap

    The complexity and work load has only gone up. Scrutiny and supervision has only increased, now days everything is on camera and just being "rude" can cost you your career. The pay has not increased respectively to inflation. Competitive culture does not help new EMS workers. Entry level jobs...
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    Is EMS culture affecting EMS progression

    Competition is bad because it hurts us when we work as a team. When you don't trust the people you work with because they are all in a competition it hurts your focus and your abilities to apply your knowledge and skills. The competition takes away from the focus of accelerating the career...
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    Longest shift, mood on shift and stress

    I dont need your marital advice buddy.
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    Longest shift, mood on shift and stress

    June and July in the peak of COVID my stress hit an all time high
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    Is EMS culture affecting EMS progression

    What is the culture like in your area. In Austin area it was back in 2014 a culture of competition and legitimacy. Many pretentious attitudes and punitive environment. Arriving on the Mexican border it was a breath of fresh air. The medicine is a bit antiquated but the environment is real trust...
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    Longest shift, mood on shift and stress

    You don't know my financial situation. We are supporting elderly family members also. My wife is pregnant and our neighborhood has seen a rise in homelessness. I am not trying to get rich, I just want security for my family, as a father thats my job and sometimes I make sacrifices. I have...
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    Longest shift, mood on shift and stress

    worrying about losing my job is the most stressful. If I see death and morbidity it affects me, if I receive blame it affects me more and if someone blames me and threatens my career I go into chest pain and nausea and I can't sleep. I get a lot of stress from just not sleeping and hard work...
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    Patient centered approach at clinics

    If the NP is going to give a report or consult to a receiving facility they need to gain consent from the patient for that destination first, which should also require, informing the patient and delivering options. They chose the destination based on affiliation only