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    How old were you?

    15 As volunteer firefighter 18 as an EMT-IV just waiting for medic school now.
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    My Annual Question: What summer job have you secured?

    I picked up a a4 day music fest better known as bonnaroo!
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    Screenwriter - authenticity. Unit? Team? What's the correct term?

    my partner always drives when we go to a certain place and one day th snobby nurse called him the ambulance driver. She got a decent chewing! As everyone says Crew is your word And never refer to them as ambulance driver! even they had to go to EMT school. lol
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    30 Y/0 M Sick Person

    I had a heat stroke during a late july football game in high school and the more i vommited the more dehydrated and the worse i got until i finally blacked out and woke up,in the ER, but everybodys different. I have seen improvement in heat related pts after they vommit but not all the time...
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    We put the "ehhh" in Advertising

    If you can make a little $ then do it! As everyone else said though pop ups are horrible. And preferably when you click on a link no re directs to the ad! but a banner or a section for ads would be just fine!
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    30 Y/0 M Sick Person

    Was it hot out? with him being a hard stick probably dehydrated and maybe heat exahaustion? Just an idea.
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    So how old.

    Im writing this off my phone so its kinda crappy my appologies....
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    Manual or Automatic?

    ^^^ Dont forget the chevy 3500 boxes that we have!!! I like the chevys better. The engines arent quite as noisy and they tend to run out a little better because they are equipped with an allison auto transmission..
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    So how old.

    O yeah its horrible. I have everything i need to drive,(F endorsement,EVOC,Vanessa K free) Everything except insurance clearance because of our company....
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    Manual or Automatic?

    Iv been drivin a manual on the farm since i was 7. Im pretty good at it especially drivin big farm spreaders fully loaded... Dont want to get that stuff on ya lol:lol:
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    What TV show spurred you to join EMS?

    Man i was in 5th... I thought i was one of the yougest members here. Dang... Well i had tv land as a kid so i whatched Emergency alot as well as rescue 911 but i graduated with a certification for collision repair and paint and refinshing "i wanted to build custom cars" i found i didnt have...
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    So how old.

    Iv road every call for just over a year, Thank God i only have a month and some change! But yes i can right a Pcr Like nobodys business
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    the 100% directionless thread

    The Only way anything gets refurbed at my company is if say the idiot medic is driving way to fast in the snow and rolls it. or she hits a deer then gets out to check its pulse. She a gem im tellin ya. AND she no longer works for us. Thank God:D
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    Manual or Automatic?

    Our Ambulances are auto but my fd has a brush unit and a tanker thats manual... And they are fun to drive! Especially the 4x4 brush unit!;)
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    Drug Shortages and Solutions

    We get told to "deal" with it. Aint that some ****...
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    30 Y/0 M Sick Person

    LOL how many exhaust leaks did the truck have???? Thats a good one too.
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    [Completed] Flashchat is back!

    If i had somebody to chat with i would do just that but since im still way new guess ill have to pass. LOL.
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    30 Y/0 M Sick Person

    How long was he in the back of the truck? Was it running? was it hot? Was his skin flushed? Had he been drinking alot of fluids? if so what kind? I know from experience some soft drinks are notorious for kidney stones.
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    Anywhere in Tennessee Thats Hiring?

    I attempted to pm you but still gettin used to things hope it worked.