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    What's the dumbest thing you've said to a patient?

    Transporting a patient who just had a below the knee amputation and he is talking about how long the recovery is going to take and I reply - just take it one step at a time .......... Fortunately the patient thought it was very funny.
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    You know you are an EMT/Paramedic when...

    When you start planning to get fuel when the gauge hits three quarters (regardless of whether you are at work or not)
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    Videos for EMT school

    Look up Chris Solomons Rescue on YouTube - I always play it when I teach CPR - it's a great discussion piece about how AED and CPR is in real life vs on a mannekin
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    Recommendations for gear bags whilst on shift

    Awesome thanks that was just what I had in mind.
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    Recommendations for gear bags whilst on shift

    I am looking for more of a patrol style bag rather than backpack - something with lots of pockets and places to put things.
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    Recommendations for gear bags whilst on shift

    Can anyone recommend gear bags to store everything needed (lunch, clothes etc) whilst working? I have a backpack right now and it is not at all practical.
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    UK Citizen looking to become an EMT-P

    Hey Martin I have sent you a private message - I am from the Uk and recently completed my EMT so can likely help you with some of your questions.
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    Where are you from....

    Originally from England, now in Alberta, Canada and hoping to get work as an EMT in Calgary
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    ACP help

    First of all don't talk to anyone else taking it on the actual exam day - there are so many people there with different answers/opinions that it can make things a lot more stressful. Second, read the question carefully and work by process of elimination - there are generally one or two answers...
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    The EMTLife 500 Contest

    August 30th 2013
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    The right words

    I happened across a guy who had committed suicide in his garage - his Mom had just found him so I helped her call EMS (i am not qualified yet - the guy was a neighbour) kept her out of the fume filled garage and helped her call her husband. She was relatively calm, ambulance and fire truck...
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    Two dead in New Forest ambulance crash

    What a horrible thing to happen. I used to live near there and the younger boys always used to use this area for racing as the road is very long and straight - let's hope they get what they deserve......
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    More on Peanut Allergies...from the Peanut People.

    I wonder if they will guarantee that people will not have reactions to it - personally I would not put this to the test. Here's a fact you might not know about nut allergies - some of the stoned fruits are in the same family as tree nuts and can cause a similar reaction so when asking about...
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    I have been eating Paleo for almost 6 months and my body will not let me go back! If I eat bread now it's like taking sleeping tablets as I feel so drowsy! And food tastes so different - am loving the way I can enjoy eating good fresh veggies as much as I used to enjoy eating burgers! My only...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    I wonder if this would be considered a bad day to get called out to!
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Temps of +10 today but we are expecting 22cm of snow with 70kmph winds by the morning - gotta love Alberta weather!
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    Pediatric Training

    Don't forget to explain everything that you are doing - kids are a lot more intelligent than you think and will not take kindly to you doing something unexpected without some kind of warning! Also I second the idea of learning a couple of funny songs - and be prepared to sing them many many...
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    ER trip for one of my kids..

    Ouch - if that had been one of my kids, they wouldn't have stopped screaming for hours!
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    I am new here . . .

    Good luck! Feel free to message me and we can compare notes! I am heading out on a night shift ridealong this weekend and am really looking forward to it!
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    I am new here . . .

    Hi shaneen I am very new to this too - I am in Alberta and planning to do my EMR in September and then EMT as soon as I can after that. (I have two kids so am trying to time it for when my youngest starts at school). Until then I have just taken my First Aid instructors course and am planning on...