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    Online EMT in AZ

    So long story short I had my EMT in CA from 2004-2012 and became a paramedic in 2011 I believe and it expired in 2017. I also had NREMT for both but let them go because I had never planned on moving. Life circumstances happened and due to health I stopped working September of 2015. Things have...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Not sure what part of AZ you’re in, but I’m in the East Valley (Gilbert) and we got a pretty awesome show then other night too. Monsoon season has sucked this year so far.
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    Arizona Certificate of Necessity

    Phoenix is run by Phoenix Fire & they do all their own transports. Maricopa Ambulance covers Glendale & responds with 1 medic & 1 EMT. They also respond with Scottsdale Fire but they send a BLS unit & Scottsdale Fire rides in on everything. Maricopa also covers city of Surprise but I’m not...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Welcome to AZ! Let me know when you make it out here & I’ll take you out for a drink or two
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    Preventing Fraud-"Medical Necessity"

    former paramedic turned patient currently on Medicare here We get these bills and depending on how things are documented, it can make a large difference on what we end up getting a bill for. Where I live in AZ, AMR is the main provider for 911 & IFT, though that’s slowly being encroached on by...
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    EMS-Friendly BiPAP?

    I’m not sure what they carry but I know AMR Maricopa carry’s Bipap from personal experience
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    What "paramedic discretion" reason have you trauma activated for?

    I had a stabbing and I use that word loosely a few years ago around the holidays. Family started arguing and son stabbed dad with tip of a steak knife. Dad was rather obese therefore making the wound fairly superficial. Technicality it was a trauma and we all hemmed and hawed about it on scene...
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    Phoenix EMS

    I live in Phoenix & it sounds like from what I can find on them, they are a rinky dink little 5 ambulance company doing whatever they can to upgrade their charges to get paid more. That’s at least what I can gather from frivolous lawsuits they have filed against AZ EMS
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    Agility Test

    Which agility test did you fail? If you don't mind sharing
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    New Flight Company

    I'd be super interested in flying but there might be some mitigating factors. Can you PM me
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    AMR Victorville

    I moved out of state to AZ and have debated renewing my P Card and jumping through all the hoops to get my NREMT again so I can get my AZ card to work very part time but it's too much money & not really worth it in the long run. My ex works in Bakersfield & keeps pestering me to come work with...
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    AMR Victorville

    I worked for AMR Victorville for 4 years. A very long 4 years until I went out on disability . I had a great working relationship with SBCoFD. It took a month or two but once they realized they weren't going to be able to walk all over the new girl, we gained a mutual understanding & respect for...
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    Liberty Ambulance Hosting Job Fair in Downey, CA

    Are Paul and Brandon Scarborough still working there?
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    Utah Reciprocity/Employment

    I wish further out back east was an option, but with the boyfriend & family/friends I can't and well honestly don't want to go that far. I'm trying to see if moving to Utah with the boyfriend is a feasible option right now
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    Utah Reciprocity/Employment

    I am a currently licensed NREMT-P in CA (ICEMA), working for AMR. I am looking at the possibility of moving to Utah and am looking for information on full time employment in the SLC area (open to other areas) on an ambulance or in an ER. I'd like to know how easy the process is to obtain my Utah...
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    Do you have a nickname?

    Depends on the day of the week & who I'm working with. One of the local departments call me nugget & small fry because I'm 5 foot nothing. My regular station & crew call me the black widow because I'm a black cloud and I keep eating through partners alive.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    I'm still hearing them too. It :censored::censored::censored::censored:ing sucks. Kept seeing his face when I got home this morning. Call me if you need to.
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    Americare Hiring Process for Medics

    Just my two cents.... When I worked at Americare in the past few years, as a female I was treated like a second class citizen and was made to feel like I couldn't do the job despite being VERY capable, largely due to the fact I wouldn't & didn't fraternize with male management. Female...
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    Bad day at Bowers?

    I was told it was about 200 people between bowers & pacific from a friend that was let go by them.
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    Lynch ambulance crashes into light pole.

    And I can confirm for you guys it was one of their paramedic units :)