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    Why men are just Happier People

    Ehh if people get offended in the "humor section" they should probably just stop checking in it. There's a reason it's called EMS humor.
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    My Patient or A Patient?

    I would say "my" because you are responsible for anything that happens to that person while under your care.
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    Cystic Fibrosis Walk-A-Thon

    Not sure if I'm even allowed to post a website looking for donations to a walk-a-thon I'm participating in May, but all donations are directly through the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation webpage. I will receive no commission for any of your donations and 90 cents of every dollar received will go...
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    So German Shepards want your brains...

    Alright! Why don't we conduct our own experiments. Who wants to participate?
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Totally sorry for what happened, but in my county at least 5 firefighters/EMT's died in the past 2 weeks of random things unrelated to work. It just sucks
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    Faces behind the post

    Me and my girlie
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    Hard time with BP in rig

    Yeah I know how to do BP by palp. They taught it to us briefly in my EMT class, but I won't be able to do that, until I can feel a damn radial pulse in the rig. Sooooo bumpyyyyy
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    Certification Question NJ

    This may be different in New Jersey, but in New York my EMT-B instructor was given CME's for teaching the class along with the skills instructors. He still had to recert, but it just made it easier
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    Through The Bag... what does that mean ?

    Call them up and find out :D
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    EMT-P to PA Route

    Well when and if you ever get an interview, you need to persuade them (without them knowing) into thinking how excellent EMT experience is.
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    EMT/Medic Dating pools.

    Dear lord, I could only imagine.
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    EMT-P to PA Route

    Well, some jobs require you to just care for a patient (changing their clothes, vitals, occasional blood drawing maybe?), but with an EMT you are thinking on your feet to avoid disaster (sometimes). I think it's superior because you're on your own making your own choices.
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    things you will never live down

    I put bp cuffs on backwards sometimes, but I remember to fix it before I inflate it.
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    They don't dispatch the fire engines in my town unless it has something to do with vehicles or fire. It was just an elderly lady who had taken a fall.
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    Hard time with BP in rig

    My problem isn't getting a blood pressure on solid ground. It's the fact that all of the background noise is making it very hard to hear the sounds. I wouldn't have passed my EMT skills test if I didn't know how to take a BP :P
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    It was great though because we were waiting at the scene for a good minute before we were dispatched and just sat in the bus for the tones.
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    Hard time with BP in rig

    Thanks for all the tips guys and gals. I'll try them out on my next call if I ever get one -_-
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    Medical School Path

    Yeah I'm going for PA and just received my EMT-B certification. I'm trying to find an intermediate class, but there are like none in my county. Bottom line is I would think it would benefit because you already have the hands on skills such as IV therapy, and EKG skills. I don't see how it could...
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    Trying to get into the field

    Hey what's up In NYS I was able to volunteer for a local ambulance corps for a little and they actually funded my EMT-B program. I've also heard that they're willing to help me out with my intermediate program. As for the rest of the information I'm clueless. Maybe Jersey has something similar...
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    Hard time with BP in rig

    In that context I was talking about her pulse. Sorry if I wasn't specific.