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    prescription medications

    There's tons of them online, just Google "pharmaceutical glossary" or "pharmaceutical abbreviations".
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    geratric fall

    It'd depend on if she complained of neck and back pain after the fall. Luckily, per my county's protocols, spinal precautions are only required with neck or back pain as a result of a trauma related MOI.
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    Spartanburg EMS employment questions

    I was wondering if anyone here could give me some information about Spartanburg EMS in SC. I work for a slow 911/IFT company in the Upstate and I want to make a switch to a larger, busier system. I've been looking at Greenville County, Pickens, and Spartanburg. I couldn't find out a whole lot...
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    How does your company number its ambulances?

    In the order they're obtained/replaced, with our squad's number in front. So 5-1, 5-2, etc. If 5-1 died and was replaced, the new truck would be lettered 5-1.
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    The EMTLife 500 Contest

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    I'm barely 20, with a GED, and 6 months of vocational training. $10.82/hr with full health benefits, vacation/sick time, and a guaranteed 50 hours a week working half 911 and half convalescent seems like a much better deal than flipping burgers.
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    Scholarships and grants for Medic Training

    I meant starting medic class, by "non-profit, private agency" I mean that the school isn't part of a community college so I don't qualify for FAFSA, Pell grants, etc. It's an educational EMS agency that does Basic, Intermediate, Medic, A&P, and all the alphabet classes. Hopefully that clears it...
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    Scholarships and grants for Medic Training

    I was wondering if anyone knew of grants and/or scholarships for medic training that are not done through technical colleges? I'm planning on starting medic in August at a "private, non-profit agency", so I won't be able to get any state or federal scholarships/grants/loans, at least as far as I...
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    BLS Bag Inventory Control

    Just make a daily check-off sheet on Excell or something and print it off. Have the date and site on it, and make the person responsible for the bag that day sign it. Restock at the end of the day. Something with only a few columns like this would work, I imagine: Item - Quantity - Needed -...
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    Vanbulances? Any thoughts`

    I don't mind vans for most calls. We have a couple Ford vans that have cabinets lining the wall across from the bench seat, so plenty of room. Throw your O2 caddy and medic bag in the space in front of the side doors, monitor on the bench seat, and you're good to go. We also have a few of the...
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    Inside Combat Rescue

    Pretty cool show. If you have Charter, it's free on-demand.
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    Anyone working as an EMT and going to School, school

    I work 50-60 hours a week at an IFT/911 company, usually 5a-5p, and am in medic class from 6p-10p on a 24/48. It isn't the most ideal schedule ever, but hopefully it pays off.
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    After passing emt class and nremt

    Should be on the National Registry website, I believe. And you might have to do a background check for your state card. At least in my state, after you get NREMT, you go and get fingerprinted then wait on a background check, then they mail you your State cards, certificate, patches, blahblahblah.
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    How prepared for you after leaving your EMT course?

    My class did very well at preparing me for the NREMT, but actually working for a busy system taught me more in the first few months than my class did.
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    Major Issue With New Partner

    If new EMTs got fired for "any little thing" that happened, every new EMT would be fired during their probationary period. On the other hand, sounds like the OP's partner has had quite a few second chances to shape up. Hopefully you don't have to work with him again and your boss decides to...
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    What kind of EMT are you?

    I'd say both. Depends on the call, the patient's attitude, and how much food/sleep I've gotten. :P I'm generally a pretty nice guy, but as someone else said, I have a pretty low tolerance for BS. I mean, how many of you are all smiles when you get toned out at 0300 for toe pain that's been...
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    Why I did NOT become an EMT... you're telling me that my 6-month trade school education isn't going to make me rich? :-(
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    The Walking Dead

    SPOILER ALERT For people who have seen last night's episode, just curious...would you have given Herschel CPR? I was expecting Lori to lose her face.
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    South Carolina EMS

    Where are you in SC?
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    The Walking Dead

    I think it was the finale of Season 2.