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    Narc storage. How are you doing it?

    the narcs in the bag are in a clear flambeau case locked in a bankers deposit bag like this. In station theres a Knox box with a keypad. Narcs are counted and recorded on a sheet at the start and end of every shift.
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    Small battery backups

    Why would you want the radios to stay on when the truck isnt running? They always boot up fine in any truck ive ever been in
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    Power stair chair

    Yeah, the Ferno Powertraxx. Its a great tool for really heavy people, but its also very heavy itself. We ended up moving it to our supervisor vehicle as a special call item for lift assists as the staff didnt like using it daily because it was so heavy.
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    Where are all the medics going?

    Seems like theyre coming to NJ. We have so many out of state medics on orientation right now we literally dont have enough FTOs to train them all simultaneously. But its literally a $10-$15/hr pay increase for some of these medics just for crossing the rivers. Which makes sense to me, get an...
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    Fired EMT claims police impeded care

    FWIW, our legal department disagrees with this. It came up about 2 years ago and went through a long review process. We had a whole policy revision and training on it. The army of attorneys are of the opinion that patients in custody are still allowed to refuse or request treatment. We basically...
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    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    Here are examples of 2 year programs in my area
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    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    Im not saying your wrong but our community college runs a nursing course. Straight from high school into a 2 year program, you come out with an associates and can sit for the NCLEX, pass it an you get your RN license. afterward you can go on and transfer the credits to one of the state colleges...
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    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    And we should hold the same standard.
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    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    Isnt that how NR works? You have to complete an accredited program before you can sit for the test.
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    If i have patient contact, literally drag her out if necessary and leave. Call PD as i do.
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    Should EMS follow nurse's lead and go on strike?

    Yeah, people need to get paid to live
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    Hands On defibrillation - HOD

    before we got Lucas ive done it. Now its kinda irrelevant for us.
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    Ampoule opener

    When we still had ampules of Epi i took the little white plastic cap thing that comes in the tip of my flushes, drilled a hole and put in a split ring and glued that into a 5ml syringe with the plunger removed. Put the end of the ampule into the syringe and snap. Clip this ghetto snap-it onto my...
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    syringe holder?

    The first one!
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    syringe holder?

    Ok, i flew a patient last week and the flight medic had this thing on his badge that the 10ml syringes i gave him clipped into. I love the idea, it would making managing syringes of pressors and RSI drugs a lot easier. Unfortunately i wasnt able to ask him about it, patient care and all that...
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    MVC Extrication speed over movement minimization

    I just want a competent extrication team....
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    Intubation and the unconscious

    Honestly, long before i got to advanced airway management i would swap the regular BVM mask with a CPAP mask and ventillate myself to assess compliance and possiby get an end tidal and waveform. Elevate her head and get her into a better position for eventual intubation. I would also want to be...
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    Pay raises coming for Wake County EMS workers

    Love when departments put out back patting articles that tell on themselves that they underpay their staff. And NC isnt as cheap as it used to be. That starting pay for a medic equates to 60k for NJ and only the most rural of NJ aencies are paying below 30/hr
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    Your Controversial EMS-Related Opinion

    Yeah, and i still get a flu vaccine every year My controvesial opinion is that HEMS should be able to and encouraged to triage back to ground, and that HEMS projects should be regulated and a limit on projects should be set by a governing body. Not every hospital with a pad should be allowed...
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    What does your agency ride in...

    i thought their trucks were checkered?