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    Beginners, You can explore Guide to EMT Training, Certification and Salary

    Fire Science Degree Schools is an online educational website specifically developed for EMT and Fire Science students to meet their Educational and Career aspirations. The valuable resources on our website will definitely assist Emergency Technicians in meeting their career goals. EMTs have...
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    Hello ..

    Hello ..
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    Attempt EMT Practice Test for Good Scoring

    If you are aiming to become an emergency medical technician and save human lives, EMT Practice can be your best option to pass the EMT Certification exam for higher scores because “EMT Practice test at Top EMT Training” can provide necessary details on Sample Test questions categories, patterns...
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    Hospital Staff Yelling at You

    The main culprit for such unpleasant scenario is hospitals and nursing homes because they overburden nurses and doctors with extra work load to earn more money. Nurses become frustrated and loose temper when they find additional work on top of their existing overburden. The result is they forget...
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    When you start a thread or reply, what's your image of the rest of us (ideal reader)

    When you start a thread or reply, what's your image of the rest of us I think Forum administrators are very considerate. They give equal opportunities to all members for making their views known, but support members who put forward their informative, honest, educational, productive, and...
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    When you start a thread or reply, what's your image of the rest of us (ideal reader)

    When you start a thread or reply, what's your image of the rest of us No intelligent man wears a moustache voluntarily - you can write that down. Sam Neill :rofl:
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    RN to Paramedic

    The 2013 Florida Statutes: 401.27 A certificate which has been inactive for more than 6 years automatically expires and may not be reinstated. Seems you will have to pass the required emergency medical technician curriculum, successfully complete an advanced cardiac life support course, pass...
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    Exercising tips?

    I think, first you have to improve your stamina level. Because, you would have to perform much physical works in your job. You should join any strength training routine; get some supervision and expert recommendation. You should work on weight lifting exercise. But do not go faster too rapidly...
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    In such situation, you will have no other alternative except - try and try and try. At least, you will have satisfaction that you tried your best for the patient. This is also one of the best ways to gain valuable experience, and be prepared for such weather and calamity. "Pray, and let God...
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    Can students work part-time/weekends only?

    Depends on the agencies you work and their requirements. You can search volunteer agencies near your area or agencies that require EMT volunteers and inquire their schedules because many agencies need volunteers to work part-time or weekends.
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    Additional certification can be one of the options for better wage and job, but you will have to consider other factors also such as working place, experience, location, government and private hospitals, and state because these issue also have a say in job opportunities and better...
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    Re certification help

    You can visit to find out about EMT/Basic Recertification Form and Recertification process for National Certification. NREMT allows online recertification and a recertification by examination, but you will have to complete their requirements including Refresher Training (a copy of your...
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    Nursing home patients right to refuse care

    The state and federal laws have conferred certain rights and protection to patients, and each hospital staff is authorized to explain or answer about these rights to patients, and inform them of ways to protect these rights, but ignorance on the part of patients allows nursing homes and staffs...